Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello all followers! I decided to post! It will probably be short and sweet, there isn't a lot going on here. Last weekend I had every full intention of taking Whiskey to fly ball meet up at the local park, but she has been in her cone for the past 2 weeks. Its off now, she seems to be doing good, but for a little while she was quite pitiful. She had gotten those silly hot spots again, and a bad one on her front leg that took up almost the entire part of her leg. It is finally healed, but she's a little bald there. Um, other than that, there really isn't much going on.
My friends and I went to Ren Fest last weekend, which was a blast as usual. Today we went to the dog park (a little late for the fly ball) but got to watch them. Whiskey has been doing really well at the park especially if she has her cousin Mickey with her (who is a big black and white goofy mutt of a dog). Today while at the park Mickey plays very well and is still in the puppy stages so his idea of playing is jumping and pouncing. A bloodhound walks in and he does the usual well apparently this bloodhound didn't like that or him and started a mini fight and the owner was being a bitch freaking out, when it wasn't that bad, but heaven forbid her precious dog gets a little slobber on him. So we got isolated to a bench and then the smaller agility part of the park where it was attach of the little dogs. But overall it was a good park experience. We went to the pet store to get her some new food. This morning I went to feed her and a GIANT cockroach crawled out of her food when I dumped it in her bowl. Later we found a dead one in her same bowl, and when filling up her inside daily container my mom found 2 more dead ones in the bottom of the bag- all that food was thrown out. (Not a lot of it, but still a waste). So with that incident I went to target to pick up an 18 gallon Rubbermaid bin to seal her food in. At the pet store I always check out their clearance, because come on really is a dog going to know if its Christmas or Valentines day still or not? They had the Christmas holiday babble ball for $2! I had to scoop it up. She has been going bonkers barking at it ever since we got home. I think she finally out-barked herself.
I really don't have any pictures to update with here. I know that's the most important part of a blog post, but hopefully I'll get some soon. My boyfriend found at work a semi-deflated soccer ball and she LOVES that thing, she will play soccer with us in the back yard which is good, cause we all need the exercise.
I love, love, love my new job! Its a great environment to work in and being the only girl is just fun, they treat me like one of the guys. For example: I walk into work on Wednesday and I'm not greeted with the normal "hello" "good morning". I walk into an interesting discussion about one of the cruise agents we work with who can be a little... um... bitchy, and for some reason she liked to tease, take it out on, annoy Tony. Tony got an email back from her and his self ranting response: "Well she can just kiss the blackest part of my white little ass!" (He is a big white Italian guy). I almost missed my chair sitting down. They constantly have me laughing and I've learned the rhythm and keep them on their toes too.
Another random subject and yes I'm going to toot my own horn a little: I am the best girlfriend ever... For Josh and mine valentines day dinner we didn't go to a upscale pricey place. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) best, awesome wings ever! They have a bizillion (ok, not really) different wing flavors and amazing fried pickles, and yummy drinks. So that was first of all. All of the guys he works with got dragged to some high end restaurant, while BWW was my idea. All during dinner and driving he kept asking me what I got him for valentines day because he got me 2 new coach purses (ok, best boyfriend ever too). I was going to get him ticket to see Flogging Molly, an Irish punk band, but he had to work that weekend. BWW is in a mall down in Miami (NOT close to where we live at all!) After dinner we did some walking around the mall and hit up the bath and body works outlet (!) awesome store (!) amazing prices!!! After that we walk past the skate shop, I stop and ask if he wants a new skateboard (since he lost/broke his other one). I though he was going to fall over the middle of the mall he was so happy. We go in and he gets his custom build put together skateboard. He is smiling like a giant 5-year old idiot. Moving forward to yesterday. His phone has been dropped, kicked, sat on, you name its probably had done to it. It was a really cool phone.....a year ago. And he saw the ATT commercial with the iphone 3GS being $50 and wanted to upgrade, he just didn't know when he upgrade was. We go to the store we ask they say the absolute earliest he can upgrade is March 23. He just frowned so pitifully might I add. Well since I already have the iphone I can technically upgrade whenever I want. So loophole: We use my upgrade and switch the phone with him (Im the queen of loophols with ATT). He didn't end up getting the iphone he got the HTC inspire, which is pretty darn cool. So I told him after these 2 majorly awesome things I have done, there better be ring on it soon. :-)
But I do have a question for you fellow people: what phones do you have and how satisfied are you with them. I like the iphone but I have the older version and it has the new software and sllllllllllllooooooows down like crazy. I like the one he got but its a little big. Bigger than the iphone, but they had another one called the Atrix, Motorola (who I LOVE), and I'm thinking about getting it. I'm a little scared because I have gotten so use to the iphone and the way it works I'm a litter nervous to switch. The software and everything is very similar, if not the same, to Josh's so I guess I'll have to play around with his. If he lets me that is. He hasn't let go of it since yesterday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Still here!

Hi Everyone!!
Sorry we have been MIA lately. I have been keeping up with every one's blog via an app on my phone, but it gets a little testy when I try to comment.
I started a newer new job. I left the beauty supply place and now work for a company that supplies cruise ships with medical supplies. I LOVE it there! I am the only girl, and work with a bunch of smart ass, sarcastic guys. However much I love this job I spend 8 hours looking a computer screen all day, so the last thing I want to do when I come home is look at another one.
I have told myself though that I will post at least once every 2 weekends (if not more...hopefully).
Since I am posting already I will let you know of our outing last weekend. The local dog park had a doggy-palooza with a lot of vendors and lots and lots of other dogs. Whiskey did very well (for her standards) and we got lots a free stuff! I also signed her up for fly ball and hopefully we will make it out there on Sunday and see how she does. We went over there with my best friend and her dog Mickey (who Whiskey does a lot better with other dogs when he's around).
We are going to shoot for a park outing tomorrow morning (to meet up with one of the guys I work with, his g/f, and Rhodesian ridge back).
My fractured elbow is doing good, its still sore but I know it takes time. I have physical therapy early in the am twice a week. So when those are the days my mom lets Whiskey out to potty and feeds her. This morning I had a little later appointment and was able to feed her. Mom took her out and she went potty. When I went to leave this morning Whiskey blocked the gate and would not let me open it. When I finally convinced her to move she jumped up on me and basically cling-ed. I assured her I'd be back and gave a few pats on the head and kiss. While at physical therapy I txted the boyfriend who I knew didn't go into work until 2pm to see if he could make it over and cuddle with her a little. Last I assumed her went over....well little did I know. I came home exhausted to a giant puddle of pee and not 1, but 2 poop piles, and a poor pitiful pup sitting on the couch. She was a very good girl though and stayed on the couch until I finished cleaning up and not making it harder for me by running and jumping around. I let her out in the yard afterwards to let her run and do anything else, but it wall on my bedroom floor. I txted Josh again to see if he made it over, and he had gotten called in earlier, which I kind of wish he had told me because then I would have called mom to see if she could get home for lunch. I have no idea when the accident happened and if it was just that an accident or spite cause she didn't want me leaving.
That has been all he happens that I can remember from the last time I blogged.
On a side note: I have received a few late Christmas cards from fellow bloggers, and I thank you. I have a photo board on my wall with all my corgi/doggy cards I have received. :-) I'll take a picture later, and upload/take some of Whiskey for your corgi enjoyment.