Friday, November 8, 2013

Hill Ideal Balance Box

Whiskey received a Hill Ideal Balance box from Kelly (you know Gibson's mommy over at Corgi Butts)
I forgot that I had made the cut to receive this box from them, and When Laurie (our other friend, Sadie's mommy) let me know she got hers I was super excited!
I thought it was just going to be a small 5lb bag of food. Boy were we in for a surprise.
We cheated, Laurie told us it was a bunch of awesome stuff!!! :)
 Here are some pictures of Whiskey inspecting her package:

She was ALL over this box when I brought it over

Gotta stick her nose in and see what's happening

This was her nice picture waiting for the treat, she was so excited for it!

I love her face in this one!
The lot and of course she photo bombed it!

A nice collage on instagram
So what was received?
Well we got:
Hills Ideal Balance *Grain Free* chicken and potato 3.5lb dry food bag $13.99
Hills Ideal Balance Oven Baked Natural treats, with lamb and apricots $5.99 (you could smell the apricots)

Hills Ideal Balance assortment of wet can food, 6 in total $2.30 a can (which totally saved me from going to the store because she was out of her wet food. Yes, she is spoiled and gets a heaping spoon of wet with her dry food)
West Paw Deign blanket (SOOOO SOFT) $29

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Whiskey has now graduated from the Zoom Room agility. She was the sole dog in the last 2 classes we took and they LOVED her! We even did "agili-herding" mixing some herding in with the agility class. We are going to continue to go back as a part of an call half hour open gym time. With hockey season starting and the wedding coming up its hard for us to commit to 1 specific day a week. She has had so much fun, and had more energy, and even lost a few pounds. :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pawalla Single Box

**Correction: This is the Pawalla Single Box**
I liked July's (and my first) Pawalla box so much I got Whiskey another month. They also have great sales on "single boxes". They are past month boxes they have extra of and sell them for a discount. You also get to see what's in them and pick which you want. I got Whiskey a "single box" also, because it had a toy (the toy I saw was a "balloon" animal lion, they sent me the bull instead) I saw on a review and wanted. :)

The box. I got the mini again, it really is the perfect size
Info card

Info card and 1st look at box contents 

Canine Calm $12.98
It's aromatherapy for dogs when they are stressed.
This was the first thing I pulled out from the box, and I'm very excited to use it.
I have never heard of this brand, but it's made with human ingredients.
This is a good size bag for a subscription box. Whiskey has enough treats, so these may be shipping to her friend in NY for a swap box. :)

I have not heard of this brand either.
But they sound like something Josh would eat

This is the cutest squeaky toy ever!!! It seems pretty durable, and it almost feel like there is a little fluff inside the body, so it's not hollow.
The content total was about $39, and I paid the $20 $12 for this box. Was it worth it? Yes!! I love having the natural, good for dog treats, and they fun toy! I cant wait until I get my single box!! :) I will review the August box soon!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pawalla Box

So there is this new world of subscription boxes (I know I may be late coming to realize this). They have box subscriptions for EVERYTHING! I have subscribed to a few of the beauty ones for myself, so figured to try one for Whiskey. Might as well indulge her too, she is part of the family.
For the best possible full list visit Rambling of a Suburban Mom. This is her list of all the pet boxes.

I read her reviews and looked into all the different ones on their perspective sites. I decided to give Pawalla a try. I LOVED 1 of the toys she had gotten in a past box and it looked like really good stuff overall. The box comes in a "deluxe" size for $30 a month or "mini" for $20. I opted for the mini box, when you are new and first log onto the site you get a prompt to enter you email to save $5. So this first box was $15 shipping included.

This is what the mini box boast on its site:
4-5 premium full-size products
  • Treats, a toy and surprise item(s), no wet food
  • All natural or organic
  • Hand-selected and reviewed by our Pet Nutritionist
  • Free shipping

    The great thing about this box to, is it comes in either cat or dog variety, and when you sign up you can add a box per a pet family member. (Which adds up), but I like that option.
    So lets get to what's in the box:
    This is what the box was delivered like. I like how I know exactly who its from.
    First look at the inside contents. I would have been slightly more impressed if there was a little bit more "packing" material, but my guess is that try to be a "greener" company
    List of items
    This is a 7inch duck chew, Whiskey already had half of it and it actually slowed her down in devouring it, she had to take her time, break a  piece off and chew before moving on. I liked that
    They promote teeth cleaning and healthy gums. I can't find the 7 inch chew online, but a 4.5oz bag was $8.99
    Looks like you can get these all over, from amazon to dog sites.
    These are going to be perfect for her agili-herding treats.
    A bag ranged from about $6.29-$6.99
    I am most excited for this! I made Whiskey homemade "frosty paws" not too long ago and we just finished them up. And with almost 100 degree weather this will be great!
    There was also a Honest Kitchen mini booklet in the box, telling me about the company, and I seriously want to work with them. Most of the employees bring their pets to work, and not all are dogs, they have a few cats, fish, hamster, and bearded dragon. The ride bikes to make errands or to go to lunch. You can get a 0.5oz pack for $0.99 or a box of 16 for $13.99
    Whiskey wouldn't let me try this on her (yet) and believe me she needs it. My hunny smelled it and says its very minty!
    Cost is $9.95
    I've seen these or a variety of these at the pet store. It came with a little post card. Made in the USA. Its a pocket bone, with treat pocket, so we can load those up and let her have a field day and keep busy. She got a medium size which cost $9.99
    The total of the boxes content estimate is $36.91. So for the $15 I paid I think we got a good deal. I really like a bunch of  them items and will probably visit their stores/other products in the future. 
    I may stick out the $20 for another one for next month. But I am anxious to try PawBox. It is a $10 subscription and they offer for cats and dogs also. The cat box it not up yet, so you can get on the mailing VIP list to be informed when its available. I kind of want to try the cat box from them first.

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    Whiskey and the Zoom Room

    Whiskey is still enrolled in the Zoom Room, doing agility. We have also been doing some introducing to urban herding. Tonight is the last night of the session we signed up for. We are going to sign up for another one, although I'm not sure if it will agility again or herding.
    The zoom room puts out a monthly news letter and this month featured a picture of Whiskey!!! My little star! xoxox

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013

    My Humans are Getting Married!!!

    Josh and I took our engagement pictures today and of course HAD to included Whiskey. Here are some of my favorites with her!!