Friday, July 30, 2010

Come Snuggles with Momma

Whiskey is a strange little bug. Every night around 9:30 I suppose its her self declared bedtime. My bedroom is right off the kitchen (it was the old family room) and doesn't have door. So my mom will sometimes still be in the kitchen cleaning up or getting some coffee so the light is still on. That bothers Whiskey apparently. She will crawl under my bed and lay under there until I tell her to get out or when the lights go off. The other night I wish I had my camera or phone next me, because all I saw were 2 little corgi chicken legs sticking out from under the bed.
Anyways, for the past few nights when I crawl into bed. She will sit at the edge whimpering and pawing at the sheets. So I pick her up onto the bed, and lay down. I then proceed to say "come snuggles with momma." And she will, she will come right up under my arm and snuggles. But her definition of snuggles is me petting her... constantly... If I stop she will give a low disapproving grunt. So I start scratching her again and slowly stop. This time she grunts, licks me, and moves her body and "slam" it down on the bed. If I have to reposition myself in the bed she will bark and grunt and again get up and give me this look like "how dare you disturb me".
Well sorry missy-moo.
So after her having enough of no more petting she will teeter at the edge of bed, then I get up and gently put her on the floor.
This whole process went on just like that last night, except when I put her on the floor I heard her scuffle around a little and usual she will settle down in front of the sliding glass door. I peeked to see if that's where she was and she wasn't... I sat straight up in bed and scanned the room. Where did this little booger go?
Where are you...?
I finally hear the jingle of her tags and its coming from underneath my bed.
"Whiskey get out from under the bed!"
Slowly I see a little black nose poke out, then just her head. Ok fine. I rolled over and went to sleep.

Does anyone else Corgis have some funny sleeping pattern? I'd love to hear about it.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok first things first. Now that the blog has a background and semi matching header. I'm still not entirely pleased with it, and after a few hours of yelling at my computer, pulling out my hair and sweating my brains out it is somewhat to my liking. I will have to put a few more hours into it tomorrow seeing as I am holding my eyes open.

2nd topic: boyfriend, me and sometimes my mom aka grammie (later to be joined by my best girl friend aka Twinny, and other long time 20 year friend are speed walking/jogging a little more than 2 miles a day.

....I'll wait for your applause....
Oh why thank you! You shouldn't have! I'm blushing. :-)

I get home from work at 7:30pm, feed the dog, change to sweaty work out clothes, feed myself (a fruit and ensure-like drink), plug in iPod and off we go. About an hour later we get home to a much disapproving dog an take her out for her walk.
Today I just did that, but when I took Whiskey out she must have known we did some serious walking and pulling me along down the side walk (I would have been MORE than fine with a nice slow paced stroll). It was almost like she was telling me "Look mom I can do it too. I can keep up". Oh how cute puppers. You would make it to the end of the block with that little pep in your step then die and dig your heals into the concrete and refuse to move.
I did however console her by saying "Mommy is going to get a push buggie and then you can walk however far you can, then ::ploop: into the buggie you go and off we continue". I really am planning that, so I will keep you updated. Just waiting on some garage sales or bulk pick-up to see if I can Pupp-a-fy a baby stroller.
Don't give me that look. I already Doggie pimped a bicycle ride for her. (pictures will be up soon of that).
And I will keep updates of our exercise progress.
Today was day 2

Please bare with me

My blog background looks like it got deleted by the provider. So I am kinda back to square one to finding a new one (and header). So just bare with the jumbled excuse for a blog right now. It will bw pretty again...soon.
Thank you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Short but sweet update

The little Corgi I found on petfinder a few days ago was adopted. I went on my usual search on petfinder today, and she was not there. I just hope she got a good home. She was too sweet looking of a girl to stay there. I was going to try and see her this weekend, but I guess that trip got cancelled.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Run with the big dogs

I just had to write this down in the blog. It is short: I go to take whiskey out for her evening walk and as soon as I step out the door my arm gets pulled off. Whiskey sees a guy running with his 2 labador retriever dogs. She want to join the fun. Now I know EXACTLY where the term bunny butts come from. She was so excited she tried to take off with the big dogs but me digging my heels in the concrete at the end of the leash, and then showed up the bunny butt in full force with a slight hopping motion as well. I wish I had my camera to take a video! The little things that just make you smile and laugh.

I'm in Trouble...

...again. I need to find a support group. I have a problem.

Hi my name is Katie and I have a problem with looking for dogs/corgis on

Yes, I found another dog that I'm in love with, and to make matters worse: she is being held at the humane society in my county. Its a 15 minute drive from my house, and 2 minutes from the boyfriends house. She is a pure breed corgi, and she has the cutest corgi smile in the picture. I have a name for her already (or I can just re-name Whiskey) Kumquat.
I'm in trouble, I'm in big BIG trouble. My boyfriend and I need our own place, and maybe win the lottery. I love animals too much!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beat the Heat in south FLA

This is my own little ideas of how to beat the heat, but if you want the more in depth version visit: Corgi Butt.
Lately to beat the heat I have been using frozen fruit and frozen treats and A LOT of swimming, cooling down with the hose, or laying on the cold tile under the fan.
Whiskey spends most of the weekday working hours (unless mom aka grammie comes home for lunch and takes her out for a little) in her kennel aka house. I rearranged my room this past weekend and moved her house away from the window and in to the corner where it is darker and cooler (slightly). The other day I let her out of her house and put my hand inside- it was quite warm. So I came up with the brilliant idea to get her a personal fan. I went to Kmart and for her a little 6 inch clip on fan. I set it up clipped it to her kennel door yesterday night, and Whiskey plopped her little corgi butt right in front of that fan and didn't move. She even went inside her house to see what that was like. It was comical to see. My boyfriend and I were cracking up watching her get the right angle of the fan wind. This morning when I left she walked into her house, I set up her fan, and went to leave- not without looking back at my girl who was as close to that fan as she could be catching the cool air.

Disclaimer: her fan is OUTSIDE her kennel door and the cord is far away from any chances of being chewed.

I was also talking to some girls at work and one said they take a full plain yougurt and put it in the fridge, making their own frost paws. Put it in front of her dog and watch the cooling fun.

Try and stay cool this summer everyone!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog Following

I follow a wide range of blogs on here:

1. Corgi/dog blogs- a few favorites Corgi butts & Daily Corgi

2. Craft blogs- Katie's Nesting Spot, Lemon Tree Creation, Love, Actually & Ikea Hacker

3. Food/recipe blogs- Irish Chef, Sittin' on my Kitchen Floor & Chocolate Teapot

4. Friend/funny reads blogs- The bitchy waiter, An opinionated man & Retail in Review

These are some of my favorite blogs I love to read. I have mentioned Corgi Butts before, and I love Kelly and Gibson.

Katie's Nesting Spot is really nice. Not only because we share the same name. She has some great ideas for kids projects. Right now she is doing a review and a give away for an organized planner. It sounds really cool and if you are interested check it out.

The Irish Chef is my recipe blog and Sitting on my Kitchen Floor I am a writer for. Chocolate Teapot has some great amazing and so simple recipes- only disclaimer: she is from the UK so everything is metric, easy to convert though.

The Bitchy Waiter is just a great laugh of a read. Same as Review in Retail (just because I too use to work in retail).

Check out some of these blogs. Even if you don't think you might be interested, you might get hooked. :-)
Just some thoughts to share today.

Monday, July 12, 2010


This post is not about Corgis. I know ::GASP, SHOCK and AWE:: This is a rather random post, for my more or less enjoyment. But feel free to revel in it.
You know that newest craze going around? The bright multi-colored rubber band shaped like animals? Those things called Silly Bandz.
Well a couple of us at work wear them. Not the hundreds upon thousands that the younger kids wear half way up their arm. Just a respectable 2 or 3. I have 2- a blue ducky, and a pink ostrich flamingo. I walked into the call center at work and one girl had some on her wrist, and I inquired what they were. She took them off and had: a flower and wait for it... wait for it... (no not a corgi) BUZZ LIGHYEAR!
For those of you who don't know me to well (and I don't think I have quite exclaimed this on the blog) I am a Disney NUT, GURU fanatic. I love animation and I love Disney.

Its a wonder I didn't name Whiskey after a Disney character. Well I know why exactly: I didn't have much time to change her name. I actually wanted to name her Dash from The Incredibles. But if Whiskey is much of a boy name, that sure was. I also didn't want to confuse her too much by the switch. Her original name was Roxie, so I wanted to keep the "Rrr" or "iiee" sound. Anyways I digress.

So after seeing Buzz Lighyear as a silly band I did some research, and found them on Amazon and 3 series:
  • Series 1 is the main crew: Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, & rocket ship.
  • Series 2 are the back-ups from the movie: Hamm, Slinky-dog, Rex, Alien dude & Mr. Potato Head.
  • Series 3 is obviously from Toy Story 3, most of the characters in the pack I do not know- I know: Lotso (that's it).

I was SOOOO excited to see those! Needless to say I'm getting packs 1&2


...I haven't blogged lately. Nothing has been quite bloggworhty. Hopefully I will be up and running within a few days.
Keep posted.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


These are a collection of pictures from the past few trips out:

Whiskey with her cousin Mickey.
Living up to her namesake.
Piggy back from daddy.

This is from our nature walk at a local park, with her little Pawz bootie (that are 1 size to big- but they served the purpose)
With her Kong Wobbler.

Hanging out on her own little "island".
Patriotic for the 4th of July.

One pooped pup for the car ride home.
& Whiskey

4th of July weekend

I had every intention of blogging while my dad was driving to our family lake house- as you can see that didn't quite happen. We packed up the car and the pup on Friday evening, and drove the 2 hours to the lake house. We had family friends stay with us as well. One of them has a little 14 pound Yorkie, Bella. Bella and Whiskey both have kind of the same problem, neither one really likes other dogs. According the Bella's mom she will growl and bark at other dogs (she has the Napoleon complex). Whiskey just doesn't wants to be the alpha, and Bella was also an alpha. That was an interesting part of the weekend. One growl from Whiskey and Bella was petrified, which her mom thought was great. Someone else was putting Bella in her place. Thankfully Bella's mom didn't freak out when a few scuffles broke out. But those resorted in Whiskey being on the side porch (air conditioned), or on a leash in the house. Bella was on a leash too, even though she shouldn't come near Whiskey anyways. Well on scuffle got a little bad... We were all gathered in one spot talking. Bella was on her mom's lap and Whiskey came up to sniff and possibly put Bella in her place again . She was standing on her back legs, front paws on the chair. She got distracted by someone, turned her head to look at them, and Bella decided she was going to have her revenge, she bit Whiskey on the paw. Well... Whiskey whipped around so fast and bit her nose. Some blood was drawn, but nothing major and Bella's mom said she deserved it.

Needless to say I am enrolling Whiskey in some socializing/obedience classes. Does any one have good experience with any sort of class, or know of any in South FLA? Do pet stores offer this kind of help. (More so for the socializing.)

While at the lake Whiskey was a swimming machine, especially when I went out far the water to go water skiing. My mom had to anchor her to shore so she wouldn't swim off after me. All the way around the lake I could hear her barking and when I got into shore her little eyes lite up and she was wagging her whole butt. She would swim out to the end of the dock, and my dad had gotten her a tube/raft to sit on. That was her own little island. She would also act like a little kid and put her paws on my shoulders and jump in the water for me to catch her. If smart me had brought her life jacket up, I would have hooked up the tube to the boat and have my dad take us around the lake. Maybe next time. We also spent a lot of relax time on the dock and the tube was tied up to it, and she would jump from the dock to the tube and fall asleep or bark at passing boats, then jump back to the dock.
On the car ride home she was PASSED OUT. She is probably enjoying these next 4 days in her "house" sleeping and doing nothing.

Ps: Photos of this weekend will be up later tonight or tomorrow. I wish I had gotten more of her swimming. Most of them are her chilling on the tube. And Kelly- I will be shooting emails to you with those. :-)
Also this is my 50th post! :-)