Monday, July 12, 2010


This post is not about Corgis. I know ::GASP, SHOCK and AWE:: This is a rather random post, for my more or less enjoyment. But feel free to revel in it.
You know that newest craze going around? The bright multi-colored rubber band shaped like animals? Those things called Silly Bandz.
Well a couple of us at work wear them. Not the hundreds upon thousands that the younger kids wear half way up their arm. Just a respectable 2 or 3. I have 2- a blue ducky, and a pink ostrich flamingo. I walked into the call center at work and one girl had some on her wrist, and I inquired what they were. She took them off and had: a flower and wait for it... wait for it... (no not a corgi) BUZZ LIGHYEAR!
For those of you who don't know me to well (and I don't think I have quite exclaimed this on the blog) I am a Disney NUT, GURU fanatic. I love animation and I love Disney.

Its a wonder I didn't name Whiskey after a Disney character. Well I know why exactly: I didn't have much time to change her name. I actually wanted to name her Dash from The Incredibles. But if Whiskey is much of a boy name, that sure was. I also didn't want to confuse her too much by the switch. Her original name was Roxie, so I wanted to keep the "Rrr" or "iiee" sound. Anyways I digress.

So after seeing Buzz Lighyear as a silly band I did some research, and found them on Amazon and 3 series:
  • Series 1 is the main crew: Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, & rocket ship.
  • Series 2 are the back-ups from the movie: Hamm, Slinky-dog, Rex, Alien dude & Mr. Potato Head.
  • Series 3 is obviously from Toy Story 3, most of the characters in the pack I do not know- I know: Lotso (that's it).

I was SOOOO excited to see those! Needless to say I'm getting packs 1&2

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  1. i've never seen/heard of them before this post hahah they are sure neat!! they just need to make a corgi one!!