Thursday, July 22, 2010

Run with the big dogs

I just had to write this down in the blog. It is short: I go to take whiskey out for her evening walk and as soon as I step out the door my arm gets pulled off. Whiskey sees a guy running with his 2 labador retriever dogs. She want to join the fun. Now I know EXACTLY where the term bunny butts come from. She was so excited she tried to take off with the big dogs but me digging my heels in the concrete at the end of the leash, and then showed up the bunny butt in full force with a slight hopping motion as well. I wish I had my camera to take a video! The little things that just make you smile and laugh.


  1. HOW CUTE!!!!!!!! I can just picture it myself!!!! Shes a precious girl!!!!!!!!!

  2. once butterball see's other dogs or see's someting he wants....he pulls me full force and i have to really make sure he doesnt get loose because hes a strong little guy!!

    but when corgis run, they kind of hop and alot of people at the dog park tell me "oh he looks like a bunny from behind"

  3. haha I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!! It's like they are trying w/all their might to pull harder that they just kick their back legs as hard as they can :)