Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend

I had every intention of blogging while my dad was driving to our family lake house- as you can see that didn't quite happen. We packed up the car and the pup on Friday evening, and drove the 2 hours to the lake house. We had family friends stay with us as well. One of them has a little 14 pound Yorkie, Bella. Bella and Whiskey both have kind of the same problem, neither one really likes other dogs. According the Bella's mom she will growl and bark at other dogs (she has the Napoleon complex). Whiskey just doesn't wants to be the alpha, and Bella was also an alpha. That was an interesting part of the weekend. One growl from Whiskey and Bella was petrified, which her mom thought was great. Someone else was putting Bella in her place. Thankfully Bella's mom didn't freak out when a few scuffles broke out. But those resorted in Whiskey being on the side porch (air conditioned), or on a leash in the house. Bella was on a leash too, even though she shouldn't come near Whiskey anyways. Well on scuffle got a little bad... We were all gathered in one spot talking. Bella was on her mom's lap and Whiskey came up to sniff and possibly put Bella in her place again . She was standing on her back legs, front paws on the chair. She got distracted by someone, turned her head to look at them, and Bella decided she was going to have her revenge, she bit Whiskey on the paw. Well... Whiskey whipped around so fast and bit her nose. Some blood was drawn, but nothing major and Bella's mom said she deserved it.

Needless to say I am enrolling Whiskey in some socializing/obedience classes. Does any one have good experience with any sort of class, or know of any in South FLA? Do pet stores offer this kind of help. (More so for the socializing.)

While at the lake Whiskey was a swimming machine, especially when I went out far the water to go water skiing. My mom had to anchor her to shore so she wouldn't swim off after me. All the way around the lake I could hear her barking and when I got into shore her little eyes lite up and she was wagging her whole butt. She would swim out to the end of the dock, and my dad had gotten her a tube/raft to sit on. That was her own little island. She would also act like a little kid and put her paws on my shoulders and jump in the water for me to catch her. If smart me had brought her life jacket up, I would have hooked up the tube to the boat and have my dad take us around the lake. Maybe next time. We also spent a lot of relax time on the dock and the tube was tied up to it, and she would jump from the dock to the tube and fall asleep or bark at passing boats, then jump back to the dock.
On the car ride home she was PASSED OUT. She is probably enjoying these next 4 days in her "house" sleeping and doing nothing.

Ps: Photos of this weekend will be up later tonight or tomorrow. I wish I had gotten more of her swimming. Most of them are her chilling on the tube. And Kelly- I will be shooting emails to you with those. :-)
Also this is my 50th post! :-)


  1. I am excited to see the pics! :)

    Glad you guys had a good time, even if Whiskey and Bella did not get along. I obviously don't much about local things in Florida, but if you have a petco/smart in the area, they have obedience courses.. Also, around here, lots of 'specialty' pet stores and grooming/boarding facilities offer classes as well. And don't forget to check w/your local park district! That is where we took Gibson for classes and they are WAY cheap! :)

  2. how cute about whiskey jumping in after you :) what a sweetie pie wanting to be with her mommmy.
    i have some catching up to do on your blog and im liking it already!!