Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Weekend

Whiskey has had busy weekend this weekend. There was a cold front that rolled through south FL on Friday and since then Whiskey has been bouncing off the apartment walls. Yesterday we took her over the my parents' house to run around the backyard. My dad was out there building something for new addition they are getting....CHICKENS! I am completely amused by this, my mom has kind of thrown her hands up and given up but still grumpy about it, and I think my dad is pretty excited. My boyfriend helped my dad with the rest of the fence while Whiskey and I supervised. I had to stay outside with them because the side gates in the backyard were open and I didn't need her to go running. It was a beautiful day and Whiskey had a blast running and rolling!! Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Helping my dad, she was all about getting in the way to check things out

Today was also a busy day. I have started taking a Zumba class for a while and they had a family fun day at a local park with a zumba "demonstration". We took Whiskey, who did OK. She did try to growl and take after 1 dog, but other than that incident she did well. While I was on stage "performing" Whiskey was going bonkers barking on the side lines. If we ever rough house or dance in the apartment she is always in the middle of it, playing with us. So she wanted to get on stage with me :-). After that was done there were a few activities we tried. There was a rock climbing wall and those silly ladders that tip and throw you off. When we were done exploring and my white dog was now gray we walked over the part of the park with a pond and Whiskey did some swimming which she LOVED. Josh and I found a nice cozy spot in the grass and just relaxed, which was awesome!! We need to get our friends together and have a BBQ and fun one day.
Anyways Whiskey is now completely pooped out and fast asleep on the sofa.

Happy weekend!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update on Thundershirt and Kong ball

A few of you had asked about the thundershirt. It does well. Its not a miracle worker, but she has calmed down a little when she wears it. The biggest change I saw was when I was vacuuming and she walked away from it and lied down somewhere else. Normally she would stand barking at it. It hasn't exactly been ideal for the cats, she still chasing them weather she's wearing the shirt or not. We do have other dogs that bark in the building (a beagle hound) and when she's wearing the shirt it takes her longer to answer the other dog back with her own barking. The "real" test has not occurred yet, Josh playing his guitar....she HATES it. But hopefully we will cross the hurdle soon.

The Kong ball has been doing well, not quite as well as the Kong "classic" originators, but still doing surprising well for corgi jaws as we all know. It still squeaks (barely), and where the seams are on the ball have started to come apart. However she has not eaten any pieces off of it yet and still enjoys chasing its rouge bounces all over the apartment.

On yet another note I have been using my crockpot lately and I am LOVING it!!! When I make a recipe I put it up on my other blog The Irish Chef, gotta check those out! :-) I am also know on pintrest and having a lot of fun pinning (recipes-mainly) and still trying to master it.