Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Bling & Other News

~A few weekends ago we went to visit Josh's family to celebrate his belated birthday. His one step sister is super creative, and we got her a jewelry making kit for Christmas. She was showing us some of the things she'd done and I was personally very fascinated. So we made something together. We made a dog tag for Whiskey. (Sorry about the crummy picture; they were taking on my phone). It was done using a shrink film. The original piece was about 3 X 5 inches.

~On Wednesday of this past week Whiskey and I went to watch Josh play some roller hockey with his friends. She had so much fun. (Unfortunately it looks like that will be the first and last time she does, because technically the park we were at is a "sports complex park" and dogs are not allowed.) We sat in the stands and she was going crazy barking as they skated by and watching the ball/puck intently. When the guys would sit down for a break (because they were playing in mid day in south FLA in about 90 degree weather) she would run around the rink and steal the pucks or if one guy was still skating she'd playing defense with him. It was really great. And the best part yet: I had a tired dog and boyfriend when we got home. :-)

~In other news the past few weeks Whiskey has been having poopy accidents in my room while we are all away at work. My mom thought it was because her walking/going out schedule had been thrown off a little. I thought she was just being rebellious to everyone going back to work. Either way we have had a weeks worth of celebration for no poopy on the rug. It seems like we have her back on track.

~Also, first I'd like to say big congrats to our fellow corgi-ist on the big news that her and her family are expecting their first baby. I'm super excited and cant wait to read all the updates and see how well (cause Gibson will do awesome) Gibson does with his new addition. Kelly also posted a giveaway for a 5lb bag of Healthy Omega Dog Food. We got selected as 1 of the 6 people to try it. I'm sure Whisky will enjoy it- she's easy to please. So look forward to our own personal review of the food.

~Now in non-corgi news here are some pictures of the boyfriends awesome (if I must say so myself) birthday cake. And if you don't already know he is a HUGE star wars fan. His other cakes were pretty awesome too.