Wednesday, December 29, 2010

(kinda) Wordless Wednesday-Christmas Edition

Whiskey's very own stocking, from Target

Our tree and decorations

Another angle

Those are real paintings (of mine) behind the wrapping-making them festive

Whiskey by the tree & presents

So pitiful looking

ma? are we dooooone yet??

MY toy! Thanks Santa

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Corgi

Sorry this is getting up so late. But it is finally here. We opened our secret Santa package on Christmas Eve, I was too excited to wait I wanted to see who had us!

Had to inspect the package first

Look at all the gooooooodys.
And with a beautiful card from..............Bailey & Cali. All the way from California!! The package had a kong squiggles, some doggie bakery cookies, holiday sweet potato raw hide, sweet 'tader & pork jerky (which daddy almost ate) and nylabone pomegranate & cranberry!

First thing out was the sweet potato raw hide.

Then on to the squiggle. She LOVES that thing!

Best presents ever!!! nom nom nom!

Thanks to Bailey & Cali and humans: Ryan & Miriam

I was going to continue to post about today's activities and gifts, but I am pooped from doing just this one with one hand. I do however want to thank all of you for your kind and thoughtful words on my fractured elbow. Every comment made my day! So thank you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin

Merry Christmas to me! :-) Some of you may know already via Facebook but for the rest of you, here it is: I fractured my elbow. My right (predominant hand) elbow.
My friends and I went ice skating yesterday afternoon. Now I can actually do this pretty well. I was teaching my boyfriend how to skate backwards. He was starting to get the hang of it and at that point I was trying to show off. He slipped and fell close to the wall and had something to grab onto. I was a few feet away and just went flailing and plummeted downward. I remember hitting my butt, elbow and wrist-which was first I don't know, but my guess was the elbow. A shooting pain went all the way though my arm. Josh helped me up and we went to sit. I thought I just bruised it and it would be OK. I sat out and watched the boys skate. We left with my arm feeling slightly better. I had to go shopping with my dad for my mom. That's when things got worse. From all the movement and dodging people my arm was throbbing. I came home in tears and mom took me to urgent care for some x-rays. I could tell they didn't look good. The PA said it looked like a fracture but they want a radiologist to confirm. So today I am still sitting here waiting to hear, so we can schedule an orthopedic visit. I wouldn't be so anxious except the fact that it was the weekend and Christmas weekend on top of that. I have been in a sling since yesterday and sleeping....well not so much fun. Whiskey knows something is up but still not sure. I do have holiday pictures of er by the tree that I will get up soon. And we are SUPER excited to see whats inside our SS box.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

wee wee wee all the home

This is a bit of an odd subject matter, its about peeing. Whiskey is a girl...however she pees like a boy.

I know that's not the most flattering picture of her and she is giving me the evil look as we type. She does the whole lift a leg and pee. If its a longer session she will do an almost walk pee. She will lift her leg and stretch forward put that leg down and lift the other and continue. Now I don't know if she does this because of the short legs or she was trained that way. Anyone have any input.

On a second subject: Whiskey went to the vet today and the little porker weighs in at 39 pounds. The vet said she looks good and healthy, he said nothing about her weights. When she stands next to other corgis she is fairly bigger than them height and length wise too. She did gain 6 pounds since last year when I first got her. She is horribly treated. Cant you tell? I am just planning on cutting out the extra snacking for her, this includes: cat food, cat poop and grandpa (my dad's) hand outs. Now I just have to convince him of that.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today my mom and knocked all the excess family member shopping. Lets just pause for a minute for a GIANT sigh of relief..... ::siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh::
OK, now that that's out of the way. My mom and I get home from our shopping extravaganza and place all the bags into the living room (which is the first room you hit when coming in the door). I Whiskey doing her nubbins wagging at her gate and let the little speeding bullet out. She says hello then its, "OH!!!! PRESENTS!!!!!!!" "Which one is mine ma?" "Oh heck Imma gonna look through them all!" And that is precisely what she did. She stomped over and dug her nose into every bag. One of which was hers and the cats. That one I managed to snatch away from her quick enough. Whiskey was with us last year of Christmas, but I think it was a little bit of an overload too early. This year she is all into it. All up over the tree sniffing, checking things out. And most of all guarding the tree, presents, and stocking from the evil naughty kitty cats. She has been a little nosey Nora these past few days.
I will have pictures up soon of our decorations and her by the tree etc. And hopefully a few candid ones of her being a booger.
I'll end on a funny little story: The other day we were throwing one of her toys around playing. We have a railing that goes around the living room on the corners and there is a small gap between the wall and the tree that we threw the toy into the dining room. She followed the track of the toy and soon learned she couldn't squeeze through the bars and went around the backside of the tree. There is a low hanging (plastic) ornament she bonked her head on. She got her toy and toddled back into the living room and gave that ornament the evil eye. I wish I had it on camera because it was a once in a lifetime priceless moment.
I hope everyone is having a good and safe Holiday season. We got out Secret Santa box and cant wait to see whats inside.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teddy bears, Stuffed animals and Slippers

I am not afraid to admit this: I sleep with a teddy bear. It a bear that Josh got me from build-a-bear (where I use to work) and he is in Star Wars pjs. Well the other day when we put Whiskey up on the bed she decided that Fuzzy was going to be her new play toy. After stealing it away from her, I searched my room for something that she could have. I found an old pair of cat slippers. Those she could have, and she loved.

The next day we went to Petsmart and they have holiday stuffed animals (a dog and a cat). We got her the cat and it has had squeakers in the hands. Whiskey LOVES it!! It is her new best friend. She did chew off one ear already but other than that she just squishes it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Card Exchange

This post below came from Laurie over at Sadie the Rescued Corgi and I think it's a great idea. I love getting cards too. There were 2 Christmas cards to choose from when I did ours and I was torn. For my family I picked the slightly more conservative one, but the other was more for animal lovers. So to participate I would to send those out.
You can email me at: ktef(at) with your mailing address and I'll send you a card. I can also give you my address to receive one.
As I mentioned, we ordered our holiday cards, and we'd like to share the love with our blog friends!! Would you like to receive a holiday card from us?? If so, email me your mailing address. My email is I think it would be fun to get lots of corgi (or other breed) cards in the mail! And yes, you don't have to have a corgi or have a picture of your dog on your card to participate. Corgi Card Exchange just sounds good hahaha. I also think it would be fun to get as many people in our blog community to post about this in their blog! Obviously, we can't all send out hundreds of cards. But if we all sent out ten, and received from ten different people, that would be fun! Just a thought. So email me if you'd like to receive one of our cards. Let me know what you think! I know some of you have posted about this already on your blogs :) Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It has been really cold here in South Fla. Like especially colder than usually for early December. I love the cold weather and the snow. I travel to visit family friends up in WI (almost) every December. Most people think I am crazy, but I love it!! Whiskey is just like me, she is loving every minute of this cold weather, she spends all her spare time outside on the porch on her (now) self-proclaimed chair.

Sorry about the fuzziness I took it with my phone and from my desk that over looks the porch and her chair.

On a personal note: I have been on a few job interviews, but no call backs. I had a pretty promising temp job lined up yesterday but I got there and the file shipment they were expecting didn't come through and they didn't know when so I was sent home.

My boyfriend and I have sent out our Christmas cards to all our family. My family has yet to get our Christmas tree :-( and take down the decorations from the attic. My best (male) friend is coming down from Jax for the holiday season, I am super excited to see him! We have the Tran Siberian Orchestra concert to go to Friday (YAY!) and then my boyfriend has to work for the holiday radio show y-100 jingle ball, so my friend is going with me to my cousin's wedding in GA. So the next few days and weekends are going to be pretty busy.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! And I am so jealous of those of you with snow! Loving the corgi frolic in the snow pictures.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I'm a little late with this post, but we have been super busy around here. We went to West Palm Beach to my uncles' house for Thanksgiving, poor little Whiskey had to stay home, but she got some yummy turkey as a treat. It was really great going to my uncle's to see a lot of family. My aunt and uncle for TX flew in and my cousin, her husband, and son flew in from St. Louis. My other aunt, cousin, his wife, and son came down from North Fla. So we had a lot of family around!

I don't have too many pictures of Whiskey from Thanksgiving but I do have a picture of a new flower collar I made her.

A video of the little bugger pulling the squeaker out of her toy (she has become a pro).

And I have a picture that has been taken annually on our way to Josh's dad of him with the famous pumpkin cheesecake.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Whiskey's Cousin & Bowtie

My best friend and her dog have been coming over on the weekends a lot lately. Which is great because it gives Whiskey a chance to play with her "cousin". A week ago it was Cousin Mickey's birthday and we were going to have a little doggy get-together for his party (which was cancelled due to rain) but I wanted to make Mickey a little something that stated he was the birthday boy. If you remember my collar flowers I made for Whiskey here. I made a boy version- a bow tie.

I think he looks rather handsome if you ask me. Since his birthday party got cancelled he will be wearing his bow tie to Thanksgiving dinner with his mommy and daddy in Georgia.
I kept trying to get a video of Whiskey and Mickey playing but every time I turned on the video they would stop then stare at me. They play a little rough- also for the fact that Whiskey was not socialized, but her and Mickey get along well. And he has taught her how to play and just be a dog.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Lounging Spot

So I have been listening to my holiday music lately. My favorite is Tran Siberian Orchestra (haven't heard of them? I suggest checking them out on youtube, they are pretty awesome). Its not the traditional Christmas music, but I love them! Anyways I have been putting them on my stereo lately and sitting reading a book rather than watching TV. Today I had to so a little bit of house clean up, because my Aunt from Texas is visiting. (I love her dearly but she is like Emily Post-always clean, her house is impeccable. Also like Emily Gilmore of Gilmore Girls). So I had to clean, and yes I know it will not be up to her standards but its better than it was. I had to vacuum the whole house and Whiskey does not like that very much. Especially when I have to vacuum my room or aka her room. She gets a bit nervous. I left my sliding glass door open and she was sprawled out sleeping on the porch. When I was done I took my shower. When I came out I couldn't find her. I check on the porch and this is where she is:

Apparently the ground is not suitable anymore. After taking this picture and coming back into my room she of course follows. I got on my computer to check up on somethings and of course read up on my fellow bloggers. While I was doing this and listening to my music (kinda loudly) I see her walk out on the porch. My computer is in front to the sliding glass doors so I peer out and up she hops on the chair. I guess that's her new lounging spot. Silly dog.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whiskey vs Squeaky ball

Whiskey vs her new squeaky ball.

I am sad to report that since this upload the squeak in the squeaky ball has died.

New Gate

A lot of new things have been happening around here for Whiskey: We got rid of her crate aka house and got her a new shelving unit that holds all her toys, food, coats...etc. She also got a new gate into my room. We use to have a 2 foot piece of plywood as a gate and we slid over or stepped over. Well a few weeks ago I went to step over it and my other foot just didn't get the message and slammed right into the board. My big toe nail got cracked at the top and pulled off. After taking my anger out on the board we decided it was time for a real gate. Off to the stores I went the next day. I have an odd size doorway (I'm in what is technically the "family room" so there is no door and no prospect of a door). A lot of the gates I looked at mounted to the wall- that was not useful for the fact that the two door way walls are concrete. I finally found one I like that was put up using tension....too small for my door way. I started to feel defeated, but tried one more store. FOUND IT! Perfect size, tension mounting, swing door. YAY. It took Whiskey a while to get use to this new gate, because she can see through it. So when she is in my room and the cats go to eat in the kitchen she can see them and bullies them by barking and growling. That is where an a bed sheet came in. Its kinda like a bird, put the blanket over the cage at night for bed time, same basic concept.

Self closing door also comes in handy

She'll stick her nose through the bars like she's being imprisoned. Don't let the look fool you, the sliding glass door behind her is open to the porch.

Ma? What are you doing on that side?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Card Sneak Peek

I know I am super early for thinking about this anyways and anytime I walk into Target I roll my eyes at the Christmas decorations and say "can we just get through one holiday at a time". But pictures are one thing I don't joke about and like to get this done as soon as possible. Mainly because I am probably the most indecisive person you will ever meet. Now if you follow me on facebok you will know that:
we had 305 pictures to choose from.
I narrowed that down to 119.
My family and friends helped me narrow that down to 21.
My boyfriend and I sat down and took that to 8.
Finally I put those 8 pictures into different card layouts depending on color and position.
You guys on the blog however helped me decided on Whiskey picture and with an overwhelming liking to photo #2 in white, that is what made it to the final project. So now I give you all a sneak peek at my Christmas card 2010.

Sunday Video

In reading the Corgi Chronicles this morning Josh, my boyfriend, decided to put Whiksey on my bed and play with her in the bed sheets. Its one of her favorite past times. Here is the video:

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Water Bottles

I few weeks ago I fixed all of Whiskey's toys that she had torn huge holes in. She has 2 Skinneeez and eventually she tore a huge hole in one's head and the other's belly. I went to just sew them up, then had a brilliant idea! I was done with my bottle of water and shoved it inside the Skinneeez. She LOVED it! I later found out you can actually buy them like that too, but let's reuse and recycle. Well a few days ago I was playing tug of war with the Skinneeez and it started to rip again, so I figured let me replace the bottle. This is was damage I discovered when I took it out: mutilated to almost nothing! Talk about corgi scissor jaws.

The new bottle I put in is also flat already! Its funny though, she wont play with the water bottle unless its in her Skinneeez. Hey whatever makes a corgi happy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oops. Red & Green Re-vote

Sorry I put up a picture that I didnt mean to. I wanted this first one below. So feel free to re-vote on the Green & Red pictures:





Thank you again!