Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin

Merry Christmas to me! :-) Some of you may know already via Facebook but for the rest of you, here it is: I fractured my elbow. My right (predominant hand) elbow.
My friends and I went ice skating yesterday afternoon. Now I can actually do this pretty well. I was teaching my boyfriend how to skate backwards. He was starting to get the hang of it and at that point I was trying to show off. He slipped and fell close to the wall and had something to grab onto. I was a few feet away and just went flailing and plummeted downward. I remember hitting my butt, elbow and wrist-which was first I don't know, but my guess was the elbow. A shooting pain went all the way though my arm. Josh helped me up and we went to sit. I thought I just bruised it and it would be OK. I sat out and watched the boys skate. We left with my arm feeling slightly better. I had to go shopping with my dad for my mom. That's when things got worse. From all the movement and dodging people my arm was throbbing. I came home in tears and mom took me to urgent care for some x-rays. I could tell they didn't look good. The PA said it looked like a fracture but they want a radiologist to confirm. So today I am still sitting here waiting to hear, so we can schedule an orthopedic visit. I wouldn't be so anxious except the fact that it was the weekend and Christmas weekend on top of that. I have been in a sling since yesterday and sleeping....well not so much fun. Whiskey knows something is up but still not sure. I do have holiday pictures of er by the tree that I will get up soon. And we are SUPER excited to see whats inside our SS box.


  1. Whoa I missed the fracture story!! No fun :( I am sorry :( Hope you heal soon!

  2. Ice skating sure is fun...but breaking your elbow isnt. We hope that you get better real soon! its horrible how it happend with the holidays near!
    Please dont let your elbow stop you from having a wonderful christmas =)

  3. Oh gosh, that's too bad Katie. Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery your way!

  4. hope you have a speedy recovery, katie. thanks for the card, and Merry Christmas!