Tuesday, December 21, 2010

wee wee wee all the home

This is a bit of an odd subject matter, its about peeing. Whiskey is a girl...however she pees like a boy.

I know that's not the most flattering picture of her and she is giving me the evil look as we type. She does the whole lift a leg and pee. If its a longer session she will do an almost walk pee. She will lift her leg and stretch forward put that leg down and lift the other and continue. Now I don't know if she does this because of the short legs or she was trained that way. Anyone have any input.

On a second subject: Whiskey went to the vet today and the little porker weighs in at 39 pounds. The vet said she looks good and healthy, he said nothing about her weights. When she stands next to other corgis she is fairly bigger than them height and length wise too. She did gain 6 pounds since last year when I first got her. She is horribly treated. Cant you tell? I am just planning on cutting out the extra snacking for her, this includes: cat food, cat poop and grandpa (my dad's) hand outs. Now I just have to convince him of that.


  1. Does she pee a lot? Like she is marking her territory? My parent's dog and the dog down the street here (both girls) both lift their legs like boys and then have pee contests with Gibson to see who can pee on the spot last. It is definitely a dominance thing. But maybe she just likes to lift her leg to pee.. :)

    And wowza she is almost 2 Gibsons! hehe.

  2. I think some Corgis are just bigger. Herman's ideal weight is 30 and he is bigger than other Corgis we meet. He is now at 28 so we are upping his food. With his thyroid problem his weight fluctuates.

  3. Sadie does this too!! But she also pees A LOT and marks her territory. Seriously, we have to stop a million times on our walks haha. I'm like dude you're empty!! But I always wondered if the short legs were the reason too lol.