Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today my mom and knocked all the excess family member shopping. Lets just pause for a minute for a GIANT sigh of relief..... ::siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh::
OK, now that that's out of the way. My mom and I get home from our shopping extravaganza and place all the bags into the living room (which is the first room you hit when coming in the door). I Whiskey doing her nubbins wagging at her gate and let the little speeding bullet out. She says hello then its, "OH!!!! PRESENTS!!!!!!!" "Which one is mine ma?" "Oh heck Imma gonna look through them all!" And that is precisely what she did. She stomped over and dug her nose into every bag. One of which was hers and the cats. That one I managed to snatch away from her quick enough. Whiskey was with us last year of Christmas, but I think it was a little bit of an overload too early. This year she is all into it. All up over the tree sniffing, checking things out. And most of all guarding the tree, presents, and stocking from the evil naughty kitty cats. She has been a little nosey Nora these past few days.
I will have pictures up soon of our decorations and her by the tree etc. And hopefully a few candid ones of her being a booger.
I'll end on a funny little story: The other day we were throwing one of her toys around playing. We have a railing that goes around the living room on the corners and there is a small gap between the wall and the tree that we threw the toy into the dining room. She followed the track of the toy and soon learned she couldn't squeeze through the bars and went around the backside of the tree. There is a low hanging (plastic) ornament she bonked her head on. She got her toy and toddled back into the living room and gave that ornament the evil eye. I wish I had it on camera because it was a once in a lifetime priceless moment.
I hope everyone is having a good and safe Holiday season. We got out Secret Santa box and cant wait to see whats inside.

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  1. Hahaha Sadie does this EVERY TIME I come home with bags from stores. She thinks everything is for her lol.