Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Card Exchange

This post below came from Laurie over at Sadie the Rescued Corgi and I think it's a great idea. I love getting cards too. There were 2 Christmas cards to choose from when I did ours and I was torn. For my family I picked the slightly more conservative one, but the other was more for animal lovers. So to participate I would to send those out.
You can email me at: ktef(at) with your mailing address and I'll send you a card. I can also give you my address to receive one.
As I mentioned, we ordered our holiday cards, and we'd like to share the love with our blog friends!! Would you like to receive a holiday card from us?? If so, email me your mailing address. My email is I think it would be fun to get lots of corgi (or other breed) cards in the mail! And yes, you don't have to have a corgi or have a picture of your dog on your card to participate. Corgi Card Exchange just sounds good hahaha. I also think it would be fun to get as many people in our blog community to post about this in their blog! Obviously, we can't all send out hundreds of cards. But if we all sent out ten, and received from ten different people, that would be fun! Just a thought. So email me if you'd like to receive one of our cards. Let me know what you think! I know some of you have posted about this already on your blogs :) Happy Holidays!!

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