Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Halloween is a pretty big deal in our household. I really liked dressing up as a kid, there were a few bad year in between high school and the EX.
Thankfully I found someone who loves Halloween as much as I do, or he loves me enough to put up with all of it.
So this year we I decided to be Rapunzel from the Disney movie "Tangled". It all started that my 2 other girl friends were gonna be Cinderella and Belle. Josh and I will do separate costumes or coordinate depending on the year. He wanted to be a Zombie, but I think I annoyed him enough with the watching of Tangled to be Flynn Rider (the prince).
On a usual day-to-day basis I wear jeans, t-shirt and converse. So for Halloween I slut sexy it up. Even when I do dress up it is more on the conservative side.
So here is a walk down memory lane at our costumes from the last 4 years...

Year 1:

This was a last minute plan to even go out for Halloween. I wanted to be the Scottish girl, but they didn't have it anymore, so second best: "St. Paulie's Girl" which is what I was called all night. We went with our 2 friends who were dressed from the 70's.

Year 2:

He wanted to a Spartan, and I didn't want to spend money on a costume. I rummaged through my closet and came up with this. We went with the same couple from the last year and they were a kitty cat and Billy Mayes (which was by far the best costume ever!)
All of us
And here is Whiskey's costume debute: A ladybug!
Year 3:
Year 3 was the most fun. It was our largest group going out to celebrate, and we all coordinated. It all came together on a drinking night that we would go as characters from Super Mario Smash Bros. Josh and I were Zelda and Link. Also: my mom made about 80% of Josh and my costume.
All of us. 1 guy decided to be a pain and come as Frodo from Lord of the Rings, but he pulled it off well, so it was ok.

We had a separate costume for Whiskey. She was a hot dog (or as my dad called her: a bratwurst) and Josh and I were the condiments.
Year 4:

We did a total coordination this last year. I found Whiskey's costume a few days after Halloween #3 at Target for SUPER SALE and it all snowballed from there. I've ALWAYS wanted to be Alice to begin with so I liked it. Josh actually had a work when we went out, so I was Alice without my Mad Hatter at the bar, but we got dressed up again a few weeks later for the pictures.
Year 5:
As for this year, pictures will be up after this weekend.With the whole effect. But until then I have 1 picture for you as a teaser:
This is pascal, Rapunzel's sidekick. I am going to be making some minor adjustments to her costume to make it more chameleon-like

And as a final parting picture this is what we shall achieve this year. I am just a slightly sluttier sexy version. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zoom Room

Hey y'all!

Hope everyone is doing well. I saw the 2013 corgi calendar that Kelly made, which looks amazing! I'm so upset with myself for not getting any entries in on time, but I can't wait to hang up the new calendar on my wall at work!! Congrats to all the winners!!!

You all may know about Whiskey's non-socialization. While at the pet store (sans Whiskey) I met a very nice lady with a mutt and a Sheba Inu and she told me about the Zoom Room. I did my research online and its like an indoor dog park/agility course/training center. I made a call to them and setup an evaluation to best decide what class to start her in. She know (most) of her basics: sit, stay, down, shake, so we decided on agility 101. The girl that did the evaluation said that with her having a task at hand to do, that it will help her dog aggression. We had our first class today. There are 4 other dogs (5 in total), I think she's the only girl and she is the senior citizen of the class being 5-years old (+/-). She is the 3rd smallest. There is a puff ball, poodle type dog, and a terrier of another being the 2 smallest. The other 2 are about the same age at just under 1 year, a Portuguese water dog and a golden receiver. Whiskey and the Golden were the first ones there, so I quickly explained to them we are working on Whiskey's socializing so to ease into the introduction. She got a little growly in the beginning with the Golden, but once we sniff searched the entire room she did better. We worked on the "table" command, which meant she had to hop on a square platform with all 4 paws and stay-then treat. The first obstacle was the "weave" bars, we started slow and wide apart and she did very well for the first time. Next was the "A"-frame, this she did like a trooper with her short little legs! Then we did a combination of tunnel and jump, which she did both very well! She will do anything for food! All the dogs in the class did very well for the first day, all the dogs completed all the obstacles. I cant wait to for next Tuesday! Its a 6-week class. By the end of the class she was more focused at the task than the other dogs.
Hopefully I will get pictures next week. I was there by myself this time and I can only do so much with 2 hands! :)