Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Gate

A lot of new things have been happening around here for Whiskey: We got rid of her crate aka house and got her a new shelving unit that holds all her toys, food, coats...etc. She also got a new gate into my room. We use to have a 2 foot piece of plywood as a gate and we slid over or stepped over. Well a few weeks ago I went to step over it and my other foot just didn't get the message and slammed right into the board. My big toe nail got cracked at the top and pulled off. After taking my anger out on the board we decided it was time for a real gate. Off to the stores I went the next day. I have an odd size doorway (I'm in what is technically the "family room" so there is no door and no prospect of a door). A lot of the gates I looked at mounted to the wall- that was not useful for the fact that the two door way walls are concrete. I finally found one I like that was put up using tension....too small for my door way. I started to feel defeated, but tried one more store. FOUND IT! Perfect size, tension mounting, swing door. YAY. It took Whiskey a while to get use to this new gate, because she can see through it. So when she is in my room and the cats go to eat in the kitchen she can see them and bullies them by barking and growling. That is where an a bed sheet came in. Its kinda like a bird, put the blanket over the cage at night for bed time, same basic concept.

Self closing door also comes in handy

She'll stick her nose through the bars like she's being imprisoned. Don't let the look fool you, the sliding glass door behind her is open to the porch.

Ma? What are you doing on that side?


  1. ooo that's a nice gate, where'd you find it??

  2. That is a nice gate! Looks like one Sadie wouldn't be able to jump over haha.

  3. Its awesome, no jumping and no wiggling through the bars. I got it at Toys R Us.

  4. very nice..I need to find me some gates for Bailey and Cali