Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

I have been pretty busy around here, and not a lot to blog about, sorry to the absence.
To make up for that, here are some pictures from Halloween. My friends and I decided to do a theme... Super Smash Brothers! (All but one of us did the theme, but the one that didn't looked great in his own costume). We were a pretty big hit out on the street going out and had a lot a pictures taken.

from left to right: Frodo, [Ness, Link, Zelda (me), Mario, Princess Peach & Sonic] Super Smash Brothers.
Whiskey's Halloween was a failed night as soon as we walked out the front door. Her hot dog costume did not stay on it kept falling the side and then she would trip on it and it rained.... I was so upset and frazzled. At least we got some good pictures before everything was ruined.

Ma, I'm not a hot dog! I'm a bratwurst (like grandpa-my dad says).

Family photo for Halloween.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me, I hope to have some more updates and blog worthy things happening soon.


  1. hehe I want to do the ketchup/mustard/hotdog family costume one year!! :)

  2. You and your friends win for those costumes!! So awesome haha.

    And awww the hot dog costume looks great in the pics! Too bad it wasn't a success when you went out :(

  3. All of the costumes look adorable. I'm lucky that I didn't have to wear one!

    Nubbin wiggles,