Friday, November 19, 2010

New Lounging Spot

So I have been listening to my holiday music lately. My favorite is Tran Siberian Orchestra (haven't heard of them? I suggest checking them out on youtube, they are pretty awesome). Its not the traditional Christmas music, but I love them! Anyways I have been putting them on my stereo lately and sitting reading a book rather than watching TV. Today I had to so a little bit of house clean up, because my Aunt from Texas is visiting. (I love her dearly but she is like Emily Post-always clean, her house is impeccable. Also like Emily Gilmore of Gilmore Girls). So I had to clean, and yes I know it will not be up to her standards but its better than it was. I had to vacuum the whole house and Whiskey does not like that very much. Especially when I have to vacuum my room or aka her room. She gets a bit nervous. I left my sliding glass door open and she was sprawled out sleeping on the porch. When I was done I took my shower. When I came out I couldn't find her. I check on the porch and this is where she is:

Apparently the ground is not suitable anymore. After taking this picture and coming back into my room she of course follows. I got on my computer to check up on somethings and of course read up on my fellow bloggers. While I was doing this and listening to my music (kinda loudly) I see her walk out on the porch. My computer is in front to the sliding glass doors so I peer out and up she hops on the chair. I guess that's her new lounging spot. Silly dog.


  1. Super cute!! Dexter perches on the footstool that came with my Poang Ikea chair. It's adorable :)

  2. haha, she must have thought she was doing something wrong or that you were going entertain her.. and since it was neither of the two, she went back :)

  3. Hahaha smart girl!

    Also, I enjoyed your Gilmore reference lol.