Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Water Bottles

I few weeks ago I fixed all of Whiskey's toys that she had torn huge holes in. She has 2 Skinneeez and eventually she tore a huge hole in one's head and the other's belly. I went to just sew them up, then had a brilliant idea! I was done with my bottle of water and shoved it inside the Skinneeez. She LOVED it! I later found out you can actually buy them like that too, but let's reuse and recycle. Well a few days ago I was playing tug of war with the Skinneeez and it started to rip again, so I figured let me replace the bottle. This is was damage I discovered when I took it out: mutilated to almost nothing! Talk about corgi scissor jaws.

The new bottle I put in is also flat already! Its funny though, she wont play with the water bottle unless its in her Skinneeez. Hey whatever makes a corgi happy!


  1. bailey has always loved water bottles too!! :) yes last year we saw an adorable reindeer velcro toy with a compartment replaceable water bottle... so cool! glady whiskey enjoys it too!