Monday, November 22, 2010

Whiskey's Cousin & Bowtie

My best friend and her dog have been coming over on the weekends a lot lately. Which is great because it gives Whiskey a chance to play with her "cousin". A week ago it was Cousin Mickey's birthday and we were going to have a little doggy get-together for his party (which was cancelled due to rain) but I wanted to make Mickey a little something that stated he was the birthday boy. If you remember my collar flowers I made for Whiskey here. I made a boy version- a bow tie.

I think he looks rather handsome if you ask me. Since his birthday party got cancelled he will be wearing his bow tie to Thanksgiving dinner with his mommy and daddy in Georgia.
I kept trying to get a video of Whiskey and Mickey playing but every time I turned on the video they would stop then stare at me. They play a little rough- also for the fact that Whiskey was not socialized, but her and Mickey get along well. And he has taught her how to play and just be a dog.

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