Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I'm a little late with this post, but we have been super busy around here. We went to West Palm Beach to my uncles' house for Thanksgiving, poor little Whiskey had to stay home, but she got some yummy turkey as a treat. It was really great going to my uncle's to see a lot of family. My aunt and uncle for TX flew in and my cousin, her husband, and son flew in from St. Louis. My other aunt, cousin, his wife, and son came down from North Fla. So we had a lot of family around!

I don't have too many pictures of Whiskey from Thanksgiving but I do have a picture of a new flower collar I made her.

A video of the little bugger pulling the squeaker out of her toy (she has become a pro).

And I have a picture that has been taken annually on our way to Josh's dad of him with the famous pumpkin cheesecake.


  1. Yum, your pumpkin cheesecake looks so good and easy to make! I need a spring form pan so I can make it!

  2. looks good!

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    Nubbin wiggles,