Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok first things first. Now that the blog has a background and semi matching header. I'm still not entirely pleased with it, and after a few hours of yelling at my computer, pulling out my hair and sweating my brains out it is somewhat to my liking. I will have to put a few more hours into it tomorrow seeing as I am holding my eyes open.

2nd topic: boyfriend, me and sometimes my mom aka grammie (later to be joined by my best girl friend aka Twinny, and other long time 20 year friend are speed walking/jogging a little more than 2 miles a day.

....I'll wait for your applause....
Oh why thank you! You shouldn't have! I'm blushing. :-)

I get home from work at 7:30pm, feed the dog, change to sweaty work out clothes, feed myself (a fruit and ensure-like drink), plug in iPod and off we go. About an hour later we get home to a much disapproving dog an take her out for her walk.
Today I just did that, but when I took Whiskey out she must have known we did some serious walking and pulling me along down the side walk (I would have been MORE than fine with a nice slow paced stroll). It was almost like she was telling me "Look mom I can do it too. I can keep up". Oh how cute puppers. You would make it to the end of the block with that little pep in your step then die and dig your heals into the concrete and refuse to move.
I did however console her by saying "Mommy is going to get a push buggie and then you can walk however far you can, then ::ploop: into the buggie you go and off we continue". I really am planning that, so I will keep you updated. Just waiting on some garage sales or bulk pick-up to see if I can Pupp-a-fy a baby stroller.
Don't give me that look. I already Doggie pimped a bicycle ride for her. (pictures will be up soon of that).
And I will keep updates of our exercise progress.
Today was day 2

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  1. It looks cute! :)

    Good job w/the exercise! I've just gotten back into running too :) I at first tried running w/Gibson, but it just got annoying since he'd want to stop and sniff things every few steps and then would get tired from running way sooner than I wanted to stop :) So, now I go solo. He gets really sad when I put my running shoes on.

    I can't wait to see your doggie stroller!!