Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm in Trouble...

...again. I need to find a support group. I have a problem.

Hi my name is Katie and I have a problem with looking for dogs/corgis on

Yes, I found another dog that I'm in love with, and to make matters worse: she is being held at the humane society in my county. Its a 15 minute drive from my house, and 2 minutes from the boyfriends house. She is a pure breed corgi, and she has the cutest corgi smile in the picture. I have a name for her already (or I can just re-name Whiskey) Kumquat.
I'm in trouble, I'm in big BIG trouble. My boyfriend and I need our own place, and maybe win the lottery. I love animals too much!


  1. She's cute. Let us know what happens.

  2. No. No more. I'm putting my foot down.

    If you guys are gonna get another pet, you're gonna need a farm. Hahah!

    Seriously, stop! It's uncool. You're gonna get yourself upset.

  3. Step away from the computer.... ;)

  4. i do the same thing!!!

    but im with kelly...step away from the computer!!

  5. Oh shes adorable!!! I totally understand what you mean, I AM EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!!! I look at petfinder a couple times a week, I want to adopt every animal on there!! I'm not able to have anymore pets until I move from where I am living now so I don't know why I look on there so much it just upsets me everytime!!! I need to join your support group and WIN THE LOTTERY YES!!!!! ~Hugs~