Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog Following

I follow a wide range of blogs on here:

1. Corgi/dog blogs- a few favorites Corgi butts & Daily Corgi

2. Craft blogs- Katie's Nesting Spot, Lemon Tree Creation, Love, Actually & Ikea Hacker

3. Food/recipe blogs- Irish Chef, Sittin' on my Kitchen Floor & Chocolate Teapot

4. Friend/funny reads blogs- The bitchy waiter, An opinionated man & Retail in Review

These are some of my favorite blogs I love to read. I have mentioned Corgi Butts before, and I love Kelly and Gibson.

Katie's Nesting Spot is really nice. Not only because we share the same name. She has some great ideas for kids projects. Right now she is doing a review and a give away for an organized planner. It sounds really cool and if you are interested check it out.

The Irish Chef is my recipe blog and Sitting on my Kitchen Floor I am a writer for. Chocolate Teapot has some great amazing and so simple recipes- only disclaimer: she is from the UK so everything is metric, easy to convert though.

The Bitchy Waiter is just a great laugh of a read. Same as Review in Retail (just because I too use to work in retail).

Check out some of these blogs. Even if you don't think you might be interested, you might get hooked. :-)
Just some thoughts to share today.


  1. You are sweet :) Thanks for the mention!

    I follow lots of different blogs too, you can find tons and tons of them linked on my sidebar!! My latest obsession is healthy living/food blogs :)

  2. Did you know, you were the one that inspired me to create a retail blog! I thought about it a couple times, but never actually did anything 'til you stumbled upon my other one and commented on retail. Thanks so much for the shout out!

    I really like your Irish Chef blog - I check it every now and then. I'm going to have to check out a few others now, too!

  3. Hi Katie!!! I love your blogs!!!! Your Corgi Whiskey is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for joining my blogs!!! Also thats so cool about you also having two kitties that look like mine!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! What are their names? Mine are Sharky the grey male kitty and ET whos the male lynx point siamese looking kitty, Duchess is the girl kitty of the house, shes a maine coon. I'd love to see pictures of your kitty cats!!!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren

  4. Thanks Kelly...I'm off to visit the bitchy waiter. My son just quit his college job as a waiter @ O'Charley's...(cause he GRADUATED!) and I heard all of his rants...how the church crowd never tipped or didn't tip much...on & on...
    xo, Cheryl

  5. Thanks for shout out Katie! I'm so happy you enjoy reading my blog!