Friday, July 30, 2010

Come Snuggles with Momma

Whiskey is a strange little bug. Every night around 9:30 I suppose its her self declared bedtime. My bedroom is right off the kitchen (it was the old family room) and doesn't have door. So my mom will sometimes still be in the kitchen cleaning up or getting some coffee so the light is still on. That bothers Whiskey apparently. She will crawl under my bed and lay under there until I tell her to get out or when the lights go off. The other night I wish I had my camera or phone next me, because all I saw were 2 little corgi chicken legs sticking out from under the bed.
Anyways, for the past few nights when I crawl into bed. She will sit at the edge whimpering and pawing at the sheets. So I pick her up onto the bed, and lay down. I then proceed to say "come snuggles with momma." And she will, she will come right up under my arm and snuggles. But her definition of snuggles is me petting her... constantly... If I stop she will give a low disapproving grunt. So I start scratching her again and slowly stop. This time she grunts, licks me, and moves her body and "slam" it down on the bed. If I have to reposition myself in the bed she will bark and grunt and again get up and give me this look like "how dare you disturb me".
Well sorry missy-moo.
So after her having enough of no more petting she will teeter at the edge of bed, then I get up and gently put her on the floor.
This whole process went on just like that last night, except when I put her on the floor I heard her scuffle around a little and usual she will settle down in front of the sliding glass door. I peeked to see if that's where she was and she wasn't... I sat straight up in bed and scanned the room. Where did this little booger go?
Where are you...?
I finally hear the jingle of her tags and its coming from underneath my bed.
"Whiskey get out from under the bed!"
Slowly I see a little black nose poke out, then just her head. Ok fine. I rolled over and went to sleep.

Does anyone else Corgis have some funny sleeping pattern? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Hahaha so cute!! Sadie is very particular about her sleep, too. She knows my routine. So when I go to wash my face or use the bathroom, she goes into our room and curls up on the bed. She sleeps with me in bed. She is quite the cuddler, too. But she wants me to pet her non-stop as well lol. Sometimes when she is super tired, and we are all watching TV in the den, she will leave us and go lay on my bed. It's super cute.

  2. haha cute! I hate it when Gibson goes under the bed, it is so hard to get him out from there. He thinks it's so cool though ;)

    Gibson is ready for be at about the same time as Whiskey. For a while, he'd run upstairs and be in the bed while I was still watching tv downstairs, haha. We used to not know if he actually liked sleeping in bed with us (since we'd always put him up there), but I guess he does!

  3. I dont think she has stayed on my bed the whole night. And its funny when my boyfriend sleeps over too, she'll be the middle and thrash around and boop one of us in the head or nose.

  4. butterball refuses to cuddle or be near me when sleeping.....most the time if im too needy he'll jump off onto the couch and sleep there.......

    butters sleeps on his back, and burrows under pillows....but if he isnt comfortable he will make weird noises and eat the sheets.

    i wish i had a cuddler :( butters makes me sad sometimes that he wants nothing to do with lovin