Saturday, August 7, 2010

Paws it Forward (a package from CA)

I frequently read and visit the blog 4 the dogz. About a week ago she posted about a Paws it Forward box she had received. I left a comment and yesterday my own Paws it Forward box was on the door step. This box traveled all the way from California to Florida :-)
Whiskey was just as excited as I was to get this box.

A package for moi??

Can we open it now ma?

Oh yay! I see stuffies I like!!

Which one which one?

I loves this one!


The whole loot.

Can I have thems now?

Safe to say this was a good box of stuffies. :-)

Doggie approved.

So the break down of what was inside the box:

1. The paw print blankie. (If it was meant for Whiskey I'm sorry I stole it.)

2. Chicken flavored nylabone. Yummmm.

3. Home made cookies. Double Yummmm.

4. Skinneeez fox. She LOVES. She killed the squeaker in the tail already, but still drags it around the house. We had a friend come over the night we got the box, and she had to show "Uncle David" her new toy! And they are very durable, thank you Kelly's review.

5. Babble-ball. Hi-larious! She pushes it around with her nose and we it talks does the "head tilt". Then she will stare at it and bark AT it, like its going to talk back (oh right, it actually does). She was chewing on it a little too much, almost like she want to see the voice inside, so I took an old stuffed ball toy that she killed the squeaky in and shoved it in there. She loves it! She carries that around the house too. Dropping it along the way and barking at it.
I've never seen the Babble-ball before, but it is a great toy for cats and dogs.

And there was a little note card for Whiskey from her new friends it California. :-) On the CUTEST stationary!!!!


So the next two people to comment on this post leave me your e-mail address in the comment and a Paw it Forward box will come to you! :-)


  1. that is so cool :)
    im sure butterball would love one!!!

  2. Oh how fun :)

  3. Darn it, I missed out! But this is so fun :)

  4. Katie,

    I am so glad Whiskey enjoyed her box! That talking ball is Sage's favorite and he said she just had to have one. Getting it to stay quiet through the mail...not so easy!

    And...well, you can "share" the blanket!

    Best Wishes,