Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I knew I shouldn't have

I made a big mistake this past week... If you follow my blog when I had gotten Whiskey I was in deep crap. My parents didn't want a dog, we already had 3 cats, and I snuck her in.
I have a problem, and need to find an "anonymous" group. I tend to look for cats, dogs corgis on and our local shelter. And the inevitable happened... I fell in LOVE with a baby puppy whose dad was a full Aussie Shepard and mom was a corgi. He was an adorable black, gray, white marble. I was in love, but knew I couldn't have him. My parents would go crazy ballistic! But I wanted him. Another delima- He was being held at AL. I live in SOUTH FLA for those of you that don't know. But I had a loo pole in my head. My best friend lives on the boarder of GA and AL. She could go pick him up and bring him to FL next time she comes (which is in a week and half). If that plan backfired, which it kind of did she said "NO." She would not do that, cause my momma and pappa would kill her. So plan B: they will send the little fur ball on a Delta flight. AH-HA I win!!! Well...not so much. I knew this was all hypothetical, and I couldn't have him. But just for shits-and-giggles I keep looking him up on petfinder. I look today, and hes not there?!?!? NO!!! I go to the website and click the happy we've been adopted link and low-and-behold there is my little fuzz ball, adopted. I am heart broken. I know I shouldn't have looked in the first place. I know that I couldn't have him at all. I know he's probably in a good home. BUT I WANTED HIM!!!!! It was kind of a security thing to know that he was there, and that there could have been a possibility of having him, but now that is gone. There was a litter of 7 or so babies, but he was the only marble/merle puppy. 3 of his siblings are still up for adoption and if you dare look here is the site. And this is him.


  1. Oh he is so super cute!! Sorry it didn't work out, but probably is for the best, right?

    I search on Petfinder ALL the time, even though I KNOW we realistically do not want 2 dogs at once. I fall in love at least once a week w/a corgi/corgi mix. Why do we do this to ourselves?? lol

  2. Oh man, he is adorable! But it does sound like it was for the best...Your parents may not have let you keep him, and that would have been worse, for both of you. I found Sadie on petfinder, so I know how hard it is when you see all those cute faces!!

    Also, I grew up in South Florida! :)