Monday, June 7, 2010

A Few Updates

So Whiskey did not get groomed this weekend :-(. However she does have an appointment with the first place I ever took her too, and they are kind and full of knowledge and know what they are doing. I excited to get rid of some of the excess fur. As evidence yesterday at the pet store, my black shorts were covered with white fur.
Also I got Whiskey the pink little booties that strap on with Velcro- she keeps them on in the house but when she runs outside they fall off much easier. So the trip to the pet store was to find another kind called Pawz. They work GREAT! essentially they are just thick balloons. The pet store only had one pack left and they were a large, but I put them on her feet and rolled the tops over and they stayed on. Did I mention they were on sale? Well I couldn't pass them up. I bought them and off to the park for a little trail walking we went. They stayed on fine the whole trail walk- I maybe had to fix them twice. After the park we went swimming in the pool again, and this is when I decided she scuffed her little paws the last time. The only was she could join the fun on the porch in the pool was if she kept her "booties" on. She managed to get them off more easily at the pool so I was fixing them more often, but her paws are FINE! YAY! I think she just got more excited and would step on the excess rubber. Pictures of her in the purple lil booties will be up soon.
Just a side note: the medium (which I am going to order online) are blue.....great even more reason to call HER a HIM.

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  1. Aww her poor feets :( I'm glad you found an awesome product for her though! I actually almost bought those Pawz booties last winter to protect Gibson's feet from salt on the sidewalks..but I decided against it because I figured they'd just fall off and get lost.. glad to hear they work well!!