Monday, June 28, 2010

Kong Wobbler: Thank You Kelly

Today while reading my blogs I read one by Kelly of Corgi Butts. She reviewed the Kong Wobbler. On a trip to Petco I had seen it, but decided against it that trip. After reading Kelly's review and watching the ADORABLE video of Gibson demonstrating its use. I decided I HAD to get one for Whiskey. She is going at it at this moment of typing this blog, and occasionally she will roll it over my toes and its heavy. I too also have a video of her playing with it that I will upload later. The video is of the first time she ever saw it, and she has a look of desperation on her face. Now she is a pro at it. Although she still tries to eat it and bite it and chew it, rather than knock it over.
Just another update- we are going to our family lake house this weekend, and I am very excited about going with Whiskey for the first time. Our house is right on the lake, and I'm sure she will get plenty of swimming in. That blog/photos/videos will be following the event.
By the time I'm finishing this post she is done with all the treats, and she is now sniffing around looking for it, or any tid-bits she left behind.


  1. Yay!! I'm glad my review was helpful and that Whiskey likes it!! :)

  2. I like your stick family. I may have to try it.