Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sigh of relif

I took Whiskey to the vet, and after a few pills and some anti itch talcum-like powder she is doing much better! She still has to wear her cone of shame, but that it just until she stops chewing the spots.
Thank you to everyone that gave input and advice.

On another note, Whiskey seems board. I would love to take her to the park, or out for a nice exercising walk, but it is SWELTERING here in FL. Even if I was to take her for a bike ride in her "doggy-pimped out ride" I might die of heat.

And as many of you know I love and following Corgi Butts almost religiously, Kelly has some great insight and great advice. One of her last post was about the Kong Rocket, and she mentioned that Gibson kills the squeaker in his toy in T-10 seconds. So she got him the medium size squeaky ball by kong and it tends to last a little longer. Last time I went to the pet store I picked up a 2 pack for Whiskey. Yeeeeeaaaa..... that lasted 5 minutes, but it was amusing because the ball kept getting stuck in her mouth. Thanks for the idea though Kelly.

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