Monday, August 12, 2013

Pawalla Single Box

**Correction: This is the Pawalla Single Box**
I liked July's (and my first) Pawalla box so much I got Whiskey another month. They also have great sales on "single boxes". They are past month boxes they have extra of and sell them for a discount. You also get to see what's in them and pick which you want. I got Whiskey a "single box" also, because it had a toy (the toy I saw was a "balloon" animal lion, they sent me the bull instead) I saw on a review and wanted. :)

The box. I got the mini again, it really is the perfect size
Info card

Info card and 1st look at box contents 

Canine Calm $12.98
It's aromatherapy for dogs when they are stressed.
This was the first thing I pulled out from the box, and I'm very excited to use it.
I have never heard of this brand, but it's made with human ingredients.
This is a good size bag for a subscription box. Whiskey has enough treats, so these may be shipping to her friend in NY for a swap box. :)

I have not heard of this brand either.
But they sound like something Josh would eat

This is the cutest squeaky toy ever!!! It seems pretty durable, and it almost feel like there is a little fluff inside the body, so it's not hollow.
The content total was about $39, and I paid the $20 $12 for this box. Was it worth it? Yes!! I love having the natural, good for dog treats, and they fun toy! I cant wait until I get my single box!! :) I will review the August box soon!!!

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