Sunday, February 26, 2012

Craft Days...and Renaissance Festival

Hello!! Its been a while since I have blogged. Sorry :(.
There is a direct purpose for this blog. It going to involve some craft/DIY (and a few Whiskey updates).
Onto the crafts:
I have a TV unit that is pretty beat up and ugly! I want to paint it, give it a new life, but I want to do a fun color(s). So this is where I need some input. I was thinking a teal main color and lime-ish green for accents on the inlays of the doors.

The reason for this combo is I have this lamp:

And of course I will replace the old knobs on it too. I would love your input on a color scheme. It really doesn't have to match much of anything in our living room.

Onto so Whiskey news. She came to work with me on Friday for a half day. I took her to my mom's on Thursday to go to the vet, and there was a hockey game that night so instead of her sitting home alone and left her at Grammies. Friday I went to Grammies for lunch and my parents were going out of town, so I took her back to work with me. She was such a good girl, and had a lot of fun. She was wandering around our warehouse, barking at one guy that acts like he's 5, and guarding the front door from intruders. Here's a picture of her with her new toy (from Grammie).

Just hanging out. Yesterday we took Whiskey to the Renaissance Festival. It was dog weekend. She did amazing well with all the people and other dogs! We took lots of breaks to watch shows cause it was a warm day. She also walked very well on the leash and lots and lots of walking. She was the hit of the festival!! She certainly got her "pet quota" for the month. Everyone loved her, and had to see her and pet her! It was all about the corgi!! We also stopped by nice little spot of the lake at the park and she did some wading to cool off, people watching thought that was funny. We made 2 stops at the water and second time the pirate show was going on and they set off a "cannon" and she jumped (I swear) 3 feet in the air and ran up the slope back to daddy so quick she dragged me! So needless to say she has been pooped out all day today!!! Sorry to disappoint you I don't have any pictures from the festival, it was a whirl wind of a day, and no time to stop and pose. :-)

Hope everyone else is doing well!!!