Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hello all!!

In my last few post I mentioned something about converting a TV armorie into a bar. Well it is complete! YAY! I have place to store all our alcohol and glasses and have my dining room area back.
Here are pictures. Sorry I do not have an actual before picture of the whole TV unit. The before picture is the bottom half that is being used as a TV stand (it too has a makeover in its future). The bar is made from the top piece.

The boring dull original original

The pretty after 

You can barely see the "T" molding that Josh and I made for the glasses

The concave of the doors are painted with a metallic Martha Stewart copper

My pretty knobs!!!

In other news: I have a new project. I subscribe to the Food Network Magazine. I love them!! They have a lot of great info and recipes. I always flip through my new on going "Oh yum." "That looks good." "I need to try this one".....etc and eventually it gets forgotten and tossed on the pile of others. Well last night I sat with 4 of them and the post-it sticky tabs and tabbed all the ones I wanted to try. (Not as many as I thought) So on the weekend, I will pick 1 or 2 recipes from my tabs and make them, then I will blog about the recipe and how a slightly armature (but aspiring) cook does with them. This will probably be happening on my other blog, but I will try to update once a month with the highlights and links. Be sure to swing on by The Irish Chef, and try some of these, cause they look great! And leave comments of your own. :)

Nothing real new the animal world. I'm sorry I have forgotten about Whiskey. I am also falling behind on getting picture together for Kelly's calendar. Hopefully more soon!!!