Monday, October 26, 2009

No e-speake spanish

Ok I know now in this day and age we all should probably learn 2-3 languages. That however is not my issue.

This is the issue: I work in clothing retail... at the sawgrass mall. (And for those of you who don't know, it is a tourist mall, its a destination for them-kinda like Disney). Now I (generally in a bad mood) hate everybody, but at work I loathe the Spanish-speaking (pick a country, I'm not bias).
These are a few of the people I have encountered:

1. I greet them, say "Hello, do you need help finding anything"
my response. "......." ::Silence::

2. Greet them "Hello do you need help with anything?"
response: "I'm sorry I don't speak English" (in PERFECT English no-less)

3. Greet: "Hello"
response: Hola ::politely nods head::
me: ::rolls eyes:: (thinking) greeeeaaaat....

4. Greet: "Hello"
response: Mirar ::points to eyes then clothes::

and my favorite
5. Greet: "Hello, do you need help finding anything"
response: ::all in Spanish::
me: ::blink blink:: ::shrug shoulders:: ::shake head::
response: ::still in Spanish now with big arm gestures::
me: ::more shaking of the head:: NO Spanish! (no yes I do realize I know how to say that exact phrase in Spanish, but I'm not caving in)
response: ::waving hands at me and walks out::

actually there is a tie for another favorite:
6. Greet: "Hello, can I help you with anything?"
response: Speak-e Spanish
me: ::shakes head no::
guest: ok.... (in perfect English again) I am looking for..... (fill in the blank)
me: ok ::I show them::
we get to check out
guest: You should learn Spanish
me: ::politely giggles:: I know very little
guest: It is good to know Spanish.
me: ::getting irritated now:: well maybe..
guest: ::pushing the issue more::
me: Look when I visit your country I will learn Spanish, in the meantime while you are in the USA you can speak English. (My actual response once)
guest: takes bag and leaves

And that is my major complaint right there. If I go to some other country, be it Spain, France, Italy.... I will attempt the language and bring a little guide book. I will NOT go over to that country and EXPECT them all to know my language.

Here's another one that rubs me the wrong way:
7. Greet: "Hello"
response: ::silence and walks by::
they've been in the store a while so I have to check up on them
me: "You doing ok?"
guest: ::broken English:: we fine.
me: ok great ::walks away::
comes to check out, and I ring them up
pays with credit card
me: ID?
guest: ::show ID::

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