Monday, May 17, 2010

Shave or fluff that is the question

This will be a short post but I need some opinions.
With summer approching in south FL it is going to get very HOT. I have been playing with the idea of shaving Whiskey to a puppy coat.
Yes? No? Maybe so?
It would also be easier and quicker for her to dry off because of all the planned swimming that will be happening.
Even inside the ac house she pants and stools everywhere. Opinions gladly wanted.
Thank you.


  1. I'll say this, Toby's definately been happier since we clipped him down (although his fur grows so darn fast it's almost back to being long again LOL) but I probably wouldn't shave him completely. Since, they're double-coated dogs, their fur actually helps keep them cool and protects from all the other summer pests like mosquitoes and not to mention a sunburned corgi bunny-butt is never fun to try and put aloe on :P I'd say your probably safe to clip them down to about 1 or 3/4 of an inch, still achieve easy drying and protect your baby's skin. :)

  2. ^What Kaly said :) NEVER EVER shave a corgi. Their coat actually keeps them cooler than if they didn't have it. PLUS, I've heard horror stories of how it takes forever for a coat to grow back in evenly. I just wouldn't take that chance.

  3. I say clip her. If only it were that easy with Mickey. (We want to shave him, but only so we can care for his skin better...poor pup.)