Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I took Whiskey to get groomed on Saturday at Petsmart. Normally I love Petsmart, they have a great selection and nice people, and it was on our way to the furniture store to pick up a recliner. I dropped her off at 12:00 by the time they got to me to sign in it was 12:45. They said to pick her up at 4pm. I was one nervous mommy when dropping her off too, because of all the post and reading I had done about shaving corgis. I asked them to just clip her down a little, and they pulled a "shave" chart and asked the length. "uh........Just clip." Well they were just going to do the longest option. "Ok" I said reluctantly.
We left, picked up the recliner, and got home. When we got home my instinct kicked in and I went to my room to her kennel to let her out..... oops..... not home yet.
4 o'clock rolls around and I go to pick up my newly pampered pooch. She's not ready, she'll be ready at 6. It take me a 1/2 hour to get to the Petsmart. I walk out, planning to come back at 6. By the time I get inside the car I changed my mind, I'm not driving home and driving back. I walk back in and ask for my dog. The girl that is suppose to groom her is back from lunch and assures me she can get her done in 20 minutes. "No, no, no, no". I am not letting someone groom my dog on a time limit. I tell her "No thank you, I don't want you to rush, just give me my dog." (not to mention I had to make dinner that night). Finally they give me my dog, who had only had a bath, that I was NOT paying for (and didn't).
So I was shared my steaming story with the people I work with on Tuesday, and one of the girls said she works at her mom's groomers RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE!!!! and to take Whiskey there the first weekend in June, and I get a discount! :-) So pictures of my pup's new do will be up in a few weeks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shave or fluff that is the question

This will be a short post but I need some opinions.
With summer approching in south FL it is going to get very HOT. I have been playing with the idea of shaving Whiskey to a puppy coat.
Yes? No? Maybe so?
It would also be easier and quicker for her to dry off because of all the planned swimming that will be happening.
Even inside the ac house she pants and stools everywhere. Opinions gladly wanted.
Thank you.

Friday, May 14, 2010


First of all I am tempting my fate...I am blogging from my job. We have an hour left and its a Friday.

I know I posted a blog talking about how I was going to get back in buisness, but there has been nothing really blogworthy. I was reading my best friend's blog catching up on all her post and I can relate to all that she wrote about. So today I am going to put my 2 cents in on her blogs:

1. Those were the days: She talks about her highschool car. A VW buggie. There are many memories in that car, and I too loved it very much. We also did love mustangs (and especially boys how drove them). She was kind of the first one in the group to have a car, we went everywhere in that car. We would spend hours, upon hour, in her drive way or mine sitting in that black bug until wee hours of the night. We tricked our one friend David that we had somehow locked the keys in the bug and he HAD to come help. We went to the beach and skim boarded, singing Likin Park at the top of our lungs with all windows open (and sunroof). We would flirt with boys and "race" them (and shockingly the bug won most times- dont know if it was because they wanted us to look cute and win, or because of the buggie's turbo engine).

We loved the bug, but would also talk about mustangs. Oh how we loved mustangs. My first car (and car still today) a MUSTANG.

When it came time for me to look at cars, my dad had me do research and find cars that I wanted to check out (none of which were 'stangs). We searched and searched and nothing seemed good enough. Daddy was about to get me a white saturen. I dislike (unlike my bestie) white cars. I told my dad if he gets me a white car it has to be a mustang. My mom and I went to the VW dealership and she was all ready to get me a Jetta (A-DOR-ABLE), but ofcourse had to talk with daddy. UG!

Good thing I didnt get that Jetta. Daddy had been talking to a guy he worked with that was selling a mustang, a white (of all colors) mustang. That baby came home. I was so excited when it was in the driveway that I HAD to wash it, clean it, make it mine!

My bestie was at my house when daddy pulled in. I was desperate to surprise her with my totally awesome new (to me) car! I told her we had a car to wash. Looking at me like I was crazy she followed. I open the garage door and there was my beauty, I swear my friend was more excited than me.

2. ...Er: Talks about having a blog written complely in your head and then when you sit to write...::poof:: its gone even the topic.

Yea... Happens to me more than I would like. Maybe thats why I have been on my blogging hiatus.

3. This may be why I drink: She talks about her addiction to coffee.

Before starting this wonderful new 40 hour job I would just drink coffee on the weekends usually. This week I decided to give coffee a go on the way to work. Tuesday I home brewed some coffee made it in my new to-go coffee thermos that has a "K" and off to work I went. I was jittery the whole rest of the day, off 1 cup. Coffee nevers does that to me. I can drink the strongest of the stuff and go right to sleep. Why this cup made me jittery I do not know. The next day I stopped at McDonalds for a yummy iced coffee, and let me tell you they did NOT skimp on the sugar. Coffee has gotten me wired lately (excpet on the weekends)-odd, no?

That is all that has been happening lately.
The only other small update is: My mom and I decided to paint the spare/tv room and in the process we did not want to have any furry 4-legged creatures in the room so all cats were banned to the porch or garage, and Whiskey to her(my) room. I block my door way with a slab of wood and she has learned how to move it. So we bocked that with a file box, yea... she figured that out too. My mom and I are in the process of moving a recliner out of the room (me inside the room) when she hears the pitter-patter of feet on the kitchen floor. How in the world??? "Katie come look at what your dog did!"
"Uh, mom, I'm stuck!!!"
Dying of laugter I climb over the recliner to the hallway then the kitchen to see that my dog has nosed the bored to the side and push the box out of her way.
She's too smart for her own good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yes I know I have been MIA lately. I'm sorry. :-(
But on a brighter note, I have gotten a new (full time) job!!! (YAY). No more nagging, annoying and overbearing tourist in retail. I work at a Physical Threapy Clinic doing front desk work. I love my new job. The hours are awesome, the people are great and ofcoure the pay is no match to retail pay.
So why have I been MIA? I stare at a computer AAAAALLL day! The last thing I want to do when I get home is get on my computer.
I know I have an awesome iphone and can blog from there, but I am still new at work and I dont want to test my boundries.
I will be back in business soon.