Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First 2011 Post

I have mobility in my right arm now! YAY! It is still not up to par, but I can type with both hands (not for long periods of time though). I start physical therapy on Friday, and wont have full use of it for another 4 weeks. I can bend it up towards my neck and almost straight down. The problem I am having is rotating it, but hopefully therapy will help that.

Our New Year was a very quiet one with just my mom, me, Josh & Whiskey. Usually we throw a big party but with my arm that didn't happen among other reasons. :-( My best friend was suppose to be the GA until Sunday but it turns out her and her husband drove down though the night and got here Friday morning. It was a good surprise to see them.
And now some pictures:

Whiskey sitting on the dining room chair while we played dominoes

Whiskey helping us putting away the Christmas decorations.


  1. Glad your arm is feeling better!

  2. good to hear you are doing better and have mobility so you can pet that cutie whiskey! :)