Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I subscribe to a few magazines. Some of my recipes on The Irish Chef are from said magazines.
I got in the mail today a bunch of junk mail, but low-and-be-hold a magazine! That is a major highlight to the day. This day it was Family Circle. While flipping through the first few pages, which are usually the ads there was something that caught my eye. "What a card" hm... intriguing. I read on further. Basically it is a website that has cards, all kinds, birthday, anniversary etc. Its free to join, all you have to do is buy the cards you want. It has a built in calender and address book. You select a card, put the event in the calendar and address of whom it goes to, and when the time comes the site mails you the card (already addressed AND stamped) so all you have to do is write a message, sign it and mail it on its merry way! I think this is BRILLIANT!.
Whats the site you are jumping up and down asking: Jack Cards

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