Monday, December 28, 2009


Passing through this Christmas season it got me thinking... I want an annual tradition. The main reason I started thinking about this is: every Christmas Eve my family and I go to a very good friends house and have dinner drinks, and just have fun. Part of these festivities that started more than 20 years ago was a fruit cake. 20 some odd years ago, someone brought a fruitcake to the party. The party host (being as always witty and sarcastic) "What am I supposed to do with a fruit cake. Yuck." So through the course of the party she wrote every bodies name on a slip of paper and put inside a plastic zip top bag. When the party started winding down she got one of the smaller kids to draw a name. The name drawn had to take the fruit cake home. They didn't want it either so they said "I'm bringing it back next year" and hence a tradition started. Every Christmas Eve THIS SAME fruit cake has been passed from freezer to freezer and brought back to the original house. This family has it for the first time in over 20 years! For the past 3 years I have drawn the name from the bag, the same person got it for 3 years from my picking. This year she would NOT let me even near that bag.

Now to my point: I want a family/friend Christmas tradition to do every year. My friends and I have tried, for the past 3 years we have had Christmas eve breakfast at Ihop. This year, with all of us out of (or almost out of) college, married, or parents have moved not all of us were in FL for this breakfast. Same basic concept its kind of just happened that everyone comes to my house after Christmas dinner and has dessert and drinks (on the kitchen floor of course). Last year and now this year I am holding the New Years Eve party. I really hope this can continue though out the years, but I'm not sure how probable that is.

Any one have any ideas for an ANNUAL Christmas tradition that can take place when we are all gathered or even when we are in different locations. Suggestions will be great!

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