Friday, January 29, 2010

Coned again

My poor pup-pup of a daughter has her cone on again. When was the first time? When she got neutered. This time she has a spot on her back right by her nub of a tail that she keep licking and biting at, I call it "butt chewing". In any case it is all red and swollen and irritated, so t prevent any further "butt chewing" I put her (overly priced from the vet) cone aka Elizabethan collar back on. Poor pup-pup is humiliated. Grammie and I gave her a bath with a skin sensitive shampoo last night and then put some neosporin on it, hopefully this will make it better, otherwise there is a vet visit in our future.


  1. Mickey was doing the same thing. The vet said he might have derma-something. I dunno. Gave him an anti-inflammatory cortisone-injection, and bathed him with some vet-supplied shampoo... hope the pup pup feels better :(

  2. Herman has had skin issues too. I used Bitter apple and that kept him from licking too much. By the way, where did you find a pattern to sew a corgi coat? I have been thinking about trying to make one.