Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Try, try again

At first you don't succeed try, try again...or give it another purpose. Remember that doggie coat I made for Whiskey? Well it needs some modifications so I put it on the dining room chair to get started again after a lunch break, well I went to find my glass for some more tea and found this:

...I guess its not Whiskey's coat anymore, its Chatterbox's bed now. Which I am gladly to give him since I was to re-try to the coat again.

2nd Issue:

For those who know my I'm not an ultra pink loving girly girl. And in return neither is my dog.
I found a collar that I love for her,but everyone at the park calls HER a HIM. I suppose her name isn't much help either "Whiskey", although I will call her "Bunny" while at the park.

You be the judge: boy or girl?

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