Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cocheting VS Knitting

I have quit an artsy crafty person. I was taught how to sew when I was about 7 (mind you in was buttons on a washcloth), but still you gotta know the basics right? I would make clothes for my teddy bears at a young age, and took home ec in high school one summer. Where I made a full sized quilt. I really do quite enjoy sewing, I am currently in the middle of 2 quilts, one that was a college art project and another for a cousin. My mom has currently started knitting. I thought it looked cool, 2 needles moving in such precision. I asked if she would teach me, she did, we went to Micheal's craft store and got me my own set of needles, and I started work that night....on one screwed up looking scarf. (P.S. I am a perfectionist), so needless to say I was less than happy with my progress. Of course it didn't help that I had a furry 4-legged kitty going after my yarn. Knitting is not my cup of tea I have learned. I did in the past and still know the basic stitches of crocheting. So I scrapped the knitting needles and switched to crochet hooks. I crocheted a little doggy scarf with the scrap yarn that I didn't knit into the scarf from hell. This one was nice, actually looked right, with a few (minor) imperfections. So in the end of my debate. I am now an old crocheting lady (according to my boyfriend).
More to come on my croteching accomplishments soon.

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