Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July 2011

I know I'm a little late with this post, but me pictures have been on my camera, and I haven't really had the time to do much of anything lately.
So here are some picture I took of Whiskey at our lake house for the 4th of July weekend. She absolutely LOVED it up there. It is about a 2 hour car drive from where we live, and she is an awesome car dog. When we had to leave a day early (due to boyfriend getting called into work early) Whiskey was very mad at me from dragging her away from ALL the fun she was having. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was like a little 5-year too, so excited to be up there (we haven't been in a while). So here are some pictures.

Looking out the window at "daddy"

Hanging out on "grandpa's" boat

She stole my chair!

Wading in the water, her favorite part

More wading

Putzing around. She did amazingly well without being on leash she stayed right in our yard (and water)

Chilling with mommy after a long day of running, swimming & barking

I'm cool.

The End

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