Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Visitor

We've had a small, but adorable visitor with us this weekend.

It all started Friday, when boyfriend got a call from his good friend that he had a cat hanging around his house and didn't know what to do with it. So what does he do? Call us; the cat people. Boyfriend went over to his house and scooped up the cat, with temperatures rising just about to the 100's I couldn't let it stay outside. He brought it over to my house and put it on out screened porch for the rest of the day until my mom and I got home. This whole time he had said, CAT, I was thinking a little 1 year, small cat.Well to my surprise its a 4-month old kitten! Mom got home first on Friday and took her over to our vet to scan if she had a chip. No chip, but a few fleas. They gave her a little flea pill just to kill them off. Whiskey has been super intrigued by the little one and even went nose to nose to check her out. However, after Whiskey realized the little one was getting slightly more attention she started growling and rough playing with her. Everyone is fine, we just keep a close eye and usually hang with the kitten in a room with the door closed. Because we do have 3 other cats that are just waiting to pounce on the new one. We can not keep this little one. As much and me, my mom, and boyfriend want to. We cant! We plastered the area where she was found with "found cat" posters early Saturday morning. No calls. So who ever lost her doesn't want her back, or she was just dumped and left. I have concocted a few ideas of what to do with her:

1. Just tell my dad (who is the one that does NOT want another cat) its just the stripped one that lost a little bit of weight.

2. Take her to work, and tell the guys she's gonna me the office kitty.

3. Try to pawn her off to my best friend, Dave, to take when he gets his apartment.

And the serious ways to deal with this:

1. Ask one of the guys at work if he wants her (he's a cat person).

2. If he says no, to the humane society she goes.

I am one of those people that gets attached to a damn fair goldfish that lives for 2 weeks. So my heart has grown attached to this little fluff ball. I posted a picture and little caption on facebook saying we had a visitor this weekend. Well my best friend's younger sister's boyfriend may take her. I'm just waiting for a definite response, otherwise its back to plan B from above. Well see what happens. I don't know how I am going to be able to let her go at the humane society if I have too (yes I got voted to do that job). So in the meantime I'm trying to come up with more excuses to tell me dad to let us keep her. Cats are like potato chips once you have more than 1 adding another one isn't a big deal.

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