Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bloopers from the corgi calender photo shoots

walking towards daddy with the bag of frozen blueberries

I think she was debating weather or not it was in her best interest to jump ship

The ballerina lost her tu-tu

and leaving the photo taking to my mom, always leads to a cat picture.

Oh and in other news... Remember Our little visitor? She is now a permanent part of the family. Her name is Mackerel aka Mackie/Mackers/Macks. We didn't have the heart to give her up. But she is a great kitten and joy to have around. She is currently at my boyfriends apartment with his and his 2 other cats. Soon all 5 of us will be a family under one roof. Josh and I are looking at apartments.


  1. Cute outtakes! And how exciting that you guys are looking for apartments together! Will Whiskey be coming with you??

  2. Haha cute pics :) Can't wait to see your entries!