Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cafe Press Presents.

About a week ago I bought myself a present. I have been eyeing a few things on cafe press for a while and finally decided to by them. I placed my order on a Monday night. Wednesday or Thursday Josh comes over and brings in a package. I was so excited! And WOW was that fast. I opened my package and starting digging the things out:

The only problem...not what I ordered. They were adorably cute! But not what I really had my hopes one. So I sadly dug for the receipt to send it back. There was a "Happy Birthday" message on the receipt from my best friend in Boston. :-)

This was her birthday gift to me!! A licence place cover which I CAN NOT WAIT to put on my car (in case I missed this update- my car got in a little fender-bender and is almost done getting fixed at the shop. Should have it back tomorrow!) and an adorable corgi magnet.

About a week later I received MY package!!

Inside was a mouse pad I desperately needed for my computer at work. And 2 bumper stickers. The Corgi Pals, and Corgi nose art! Which I am going to put in magnets and then on my car. I will get a picture of the license plate over and bumper stickers when I get my car back.

This is my desk at work with my new mouse pad! And it matched my fan. Ignore the cup...it was a souvenir from a cousin's wedding. We are not GT fans in this house.

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  1. Yay! I want to order the same mouse pad. It looks so cute!