Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Car is Corgi-ed Out!

Putting my cafe press stuff on my car was the first thing I did when I got home, cause I got my car back today!! I love the way everything looks, with a few minor details.

My best friends birthday gift to me, which may be my favorite part!

My dirty window bumper sticker. Now I don't know if i mentioned this in the post when I got them. I don't really like adhering stickers to my car so I went out and bought some magnet sheets to put the sticker on then put on my car. I originally wanted both of my "stickers" to go on the tail....but to my finding out, that part is plastic! Arg! I might see how well this works out and if I don't like it I'm going to reorder them and just suck it up and stick it! And use the magnet ones as refrigerator magnets.

And finally my Corgi Pals sticker that fits perfectly on my gas tank door. :-)

And for a side comment: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mouse pad I got from Cafe Press with Kelly's design. I'd order one if I were you Kelly. :-)


  1. Aren't they cute?! I got the calendar and the dirty window sticker last year. I love them!

  2. awesome corgimobile! :)

    And actually... I think cafepress sells car magnets now! Shoot. Let me know if you are interested in one!