Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Chirstmas (late) & End of 2011

Well, I've been reading every one's Christmas post and it seems like everyone had a good one. I noticed all our critters got spoiled. This year Whiskey and couldn't participate in the secret Santa, but it looks like everyone had a good time. Whiskey was no exception to the spoiled list. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Sitting nicely by my parents' Christmas tree

Right after the "nice" picture was taken, she dove under the tree and pulled out a gift- and it was hers.

It was a Kong stuff fabric squeaker. She LOVES it.

This year for Christmas she was really into the unwrapping of gifts. She helped everyone unwrap gifts.

Josh and I got each other a panther jerseys!! :)

She got more spoiled from her Auntie Steph E and Sha'ire with the petsmart long dog.

She also got a Thundershirt from "Grammie" but we got a medium. Didn't quite fit so we went to PetCo today and got a large. It fits MUCH better. She's only had it on for an hour or so, but she seems to be doing well. It does not hinder her doing anything around the house. She has been a little calmer since I put it on, less growling at the cats. I guess we will really test it when I vacuum and/or Josh plays the guitar.

While we were at the pet store she got a new toy. Its a Kong Squezz. Really cool. Its a soft rubbery plastic with the squeaker inside the ball, so she can not pull it out and it seems less likey to die as quickly as others. Check it out here on the kong website for a better picture and you can see a section through the middle of the ball with the squeaker. I will write an updated post about it and its progress of dying or Whiskey's ability of destroying it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Chaos

Well, hello fellow bloggers.

The Holiday season is well upon us now, and I know everyone is scrambling. (join the club). There has been some major "holiday" chaos here in our new apartment in FL. The other night Josh and i were in the living room watching tv, with the cats and dog wandering around. Whiskey went into the bed and moments later we hear chaos! We are not sure what happened or who started it but Mackie (our smallest kitten) was pinned against the wall and the dresser with Whiskey going after her. Talk about trauma (and I'm talking about me). I quickly grabbed Whiskey and put her in the spare room with the door closes screaming at Josh to find Mackie and make sure she was ok. Well she wans't (or not really at least). This is what our poor baby looked like:

She got beat up pretty good. She managed to do some of her own damage though, Whiskey had a nice cut wound above her eye from a claw. I was freaking out(!!!!) I do NOT do well with any type of blood, unless its my own. I was an absolute mess. We called my mom and all she made out from my frantic call was "Whiskey" and "blood". She came right over, gave Mackie a once over and said she looked fine. We gave her a bowl of water and wet food on the porch and she chowed down. After everything calmed down we checked on Whiskey and cleaned up her little scratch. Yesterday I noticed Mackie's right side of her face (cheek) was swollen. Just for safe measure we took her to the vet this morning and she checked out well, got a little bit of pain and antibiotics meds. Needless to say Whiskey has a muzzle coming in the mail, its a perfectly humane one and will only be on when we are home and the gate is open and all critters are wandering. It is a plastic basket muzzle where she will be allowed to pant and drink from. Hopefully it will be just temporary. Also my mom bought her the thunder shirt for Christmas and I hope that will help as well.

On a happy note, if I didn't have to take her to the vet (by my mom's house). We would not have checked out a few garage sale and I wouldn't have found (to me) my new dining room table for $15!

I hope everyone is having a slightly less chaotic holiday season.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello All! & Updates

Hello everyone!
I feel like a little bit of a failure, I haven't posted anything in a very long time. Even 2 of our fellow bloggers have new newborn babies and are able to post a few times. We didn't finally get cable and Internet in the house so I can finally use the computer. So this is going to be a bit of a random post filled with a lot of things that have happened. As I said in my last post Josh and I finally got settled into the new apartment. It defiantly is a bit of an adjustment, especially with all the critters, and being so close to other people Whiskey is hearing every little noise and barking. There was a actually a day that I had a meltdown and was crying to Josh that we had to down size the critters and that Whiskey would have to live with my mom. We got through that little bump, and I'm happy to say we still have all of our critters under one roof. We have met a few neighbors and one that is very nice.. because of course they have a corgi too. :-) Her name is Lady, or more formally, Lady Vader. Shes a sweet little tan and white pemmie girl, smaller than Whiskey, but I honestly think she is bigger than the average corgi anyways. She's about 7 years old, and the poor little thing was part of a small percentage that is allergic to the rabies vaccine and had a reaction, the fur on her ears it a little patchy and they are a little tender to the touch. Lady and Whiskey sure have similar personalities, both are very alpha, both strong personalities, and have little bit of a personal space/jealousy issues. I am hoping to get a picture of the 2 of them soon.

Now onto some pictures which I know we all enjoy :-) The first few pictures are from Halloween:

My friend David and my Pumpkin (a mask face and a CORGI)

Josh had to carry on the nerdy tradition of Star Wars took him a long time to carve this one

Now this picture we had a fudge a little. Josh was suppose to be out of work in time to go out with us on Halloween, but he ended up staying later so we took these after taking our Christmas photos.

This was taken the night we went out. I would have taken her trick or treating but there was a hockey game that night, so she spent the night at Grammies (my moms)

Next was Thanksgiving, and we have a tradition of photos of Josh holding out famous pumpkin cheesecake and making the first slice.

Our Christmas card this year. My original plan for the photo got squashed so this was the back up. I'm please with how they turned out.

Josh and I got our first Christmas tree together

I'm not a fan of a tree full of those "kitchy" ornaments, but we had to have a few and the starter ones are Star Wars.

I hope to post more often now that I have the access. How are your holiday plans coming along?
Also, I have read and seen a lot of things about but I cant really figure it out, it looks like you have to be invited to join....? If anyone has full access or hs firgured it out otherwise can you let me know. Thanks!!