Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Chirstmas (late) & End of 2011

Well, I've been reading every one's Christmas post and it seems like everyone had a good one. I noticed all our critters got spoiled. This year Whiskey and couldn't participate in the secret Santa, but it looks like everyone had a good time. Whiskey was no exception to the spoiled list. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Sitting nicely by my parents' Christmas tree

Right after the "nice" picture was taken, she dove under the tree and pulled out a gift- and it was hers.

It was a Kong stuff fabric squeaker. She LOVES it.

This year for Christmas she was really into the unwrapping of gifts. She helped everyone unwrap gifts.

Josh and I got each other a panther jerseys!! :)

She got more spoiled from her Auntie Steph E and Sha'ire with the petsmart long dog.

She also got a Thundershirt from "Grammie" but we got a medium. Didn't quite fit so we went to PetCo today and got a large. It fits MUCH better. She's only had it on for an hour or so, but she seems to be doing well. It does not hinder her doing anything around the house. She has been a little calmer since I put it on, less growling at the cats. I guess we will really test it when I vacuum and/or Josh plays the guitar.

While we were at the pet store she got a new toy. Its a Kong Squezz. Really cool. Its a soft rubbery plastic with the squeaker inside the ball, so she can not pull it out and it seems less likey to die as quickly as others. Check it out here on the kong website for a better picture and you can see a section through the middle of the ball with the squeaker. I will write an updated post about it and its progress of dying or Whiskey's ability of destroying it.


  1. Fun gifts! I hope the thundershirt helps Whiskey. I'm interested to hear how it works :) And that kong ball looks awesome, I haven't seen that one before!

  2. I am curious about the thundershirt too. Herman really chases our cats.