Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 1 run training update

So it's been (give or take) 1 week since I started my 5K training. It been going pretty well. I have Josh going with me when he's not working late and we run/jog/walk just short of 3 miles. We go every other day, and I try to swim laps one day out of the week. I am trying for more of a structured run: walk 1.5 - 2 minutes, run/jog 1 minute. It seems to working well for me. Josh just willy-nillies it. We go to a park that is just down the road from the apartment and there is also a small/medium (for us in FL- FLat land) and we run that a few times. The park is really close by, and Josh and I have been meaning to get our bikes from my parents place. Today was that day. We did errands most of the afternoon and had a late lunch/early dinner so we'd figure let the food settle for a bit, go pick up the bikes (cause the FL rain had actually stopped) and ride the bikes the park, then run/jog/walk and ride back home. Got the bikes got ready and off we went. Because of all the rain we had today there were puddles everywhere. Just past our complex is a little intersection (non-lighted) that has a gas station,CVS... few other stores. I was trying to avoid one puddle and jumped down the sidewalk lip, saw a car turning who looked like he saw us and was stopping, but kept rolling so to avoid the car and another puddle I hit the other side of the sidewalk lip, and the bike went flying out from under me and I skimmed across the sidewalk on my shoulder and knee/calf. Pictures below:

They guy that basically caused this continued on his/her way. They car behind that had quite a show and rolled down the windows, at the point Josh was over me with hands held out while I mumbled "I'm fine". Which I was, the pain hadn't hit yet. It hit a few feet away while riding the bike. (You all are probably yelling at me, why I continued....I don't know why). Between the wind and the movement both scrapes began the burn. Work on through it. We got the park (its about a 2.5 mile ride- one way). Parked the bikes and went for a 30-45 minute run/jog/walk. Got back to the bikes, hopped back on and went the 2.5 miles back home. Home is where the pain hit hard! And water and cuts do NOT make friends. OUCH!!! I washed them as best as I could handle. Good thing I work at a medical supply company. Josh has a basic first aid kit that will get me though the night.
This is not going to detour me from continuing training, may slow it down a bit.
However the moral of the story (and I am guilty as well): cars please watch for bikers or even runners. Be considerate when turning. Share the road.
Even on the ride back home there were some "special"cars that saw us and still turned and went on their way like we were invisible, but had the right-away at the cross walk.
Bikers/runners: Be more cautious, people aren't as polite as you think.

In animal news: Whiskey got a new life jacket: pink :) from homegoods for $14. She also got a new frisbee toy that is all hard-ish rubber and she loves it. She also got a new squeaker kong (I know they are intended for puppies) but she loved them and they squeak, and it takes her the longest to kill.
Our cats have been "loving" our sofas, and not in a good way. They have make them their personal scratching post, EVEN though they have a 3 story cat tower that IS for them to scratch on. So they got nail covers :) and a few cat nip toy sticks.

In more other news: I am re-purposing a TV armoire into a bar. We usually store our alcohol above the fridge, but with being in a small kitchen we are running out of room (and yes, the small kitchen is my excuse). So the top half of the armoire is now going to become a bar. I love the color we now have it painted. And I'm excited to get onto some of the details. Josh made me some "T" molding (cause the real stuff cost $16 per a 30 inch piece or so) to hang my wine glasses, martini glasses, and margarita glasses. Pictures to come soon hopefully.

Still waiting on tips or strategies on the running thing, if anyone has any. Thanks!!!! :)

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  1. So glad you are alright, that is so scary!!