Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Girl and Park Day (again)

So today I made the move and bought a storage unit. Its from target and has all the needs I desire. Its a 9 square cubbie hole unit, which you can buy clothe drawers and leave some open. While I was on the buying roll, I bought a cute little angled jar for her cookies and a new food and water dish. Because after all she is a big girl now! There are a few extra cubbies left over for moi to use. She also got a toothbrush- I'll post on that when it happens, it'll be her first brushing (from me anyways).

We also went to the park again a few days ago and I took some more pictures (as Amy stated) on the agility course on crack. :-)
We have a lot of fun at that park, we can usually get it all to ourselves (at specific times) and it SUPER close walking distance from the house.

Ready or not here I come!

Hi mom!

Ah I made it!
There was a blooper photo of this too. We walked up to the tunnel part and she wouldn't run though so I went first. Well when mommy went Whiskey had to follow, I almost ended up sitting on her. So she had to turn around and go back until my big butt got out of the kiddie tunnel.

Ma, I'm trying to cool.

She loves having the place to herself.

Got to find something stinky to roll in.


  1. hahaha love the pictures :)

    i love the cubbies :) i saw that at target and i really want it!

  2. Hahaha I love the last pic, because Sadie does that too and looks so damn happy!